Toxic clouds of shame – clear them

By Dave Henning / July 16, 2020

“Clear any toxic clouds of shame that have been clinging to you.  And in their absence, it becomes a lot easier to discover your blue flame, as well as the truest version of yourself.”- Jennifer Fulwiler

In Chapter 8 (“You Can Finally Accept Yourself”) of Your Blue Flame, Jennifer Fulwiler states we often extinguish our blue flames when we smother them in shame.  Because, like the Trojan horse, shame provides a great hiding place for our insecurities.  It lets an army of fears invade and then hold us hostage.

Furthermore, we really damage ourselves when we confuse shame and humility.  With humility, you realize that you’re a flawed person who’s no more or less worthy of love than anyone else.  In addition, humility prompts you to honestly admit your mistakes.  Finally, humility encourages you to work on your flaws.  You owe it to yourself and others to do your best.

However, shame equates us with our mistakes.  Also, shame tells us our flaws make us unworthy and unlovable.  As a result, Jennifer asserts, you probably fail to comprehend how many hateful statements you hurl at yourself on a daily basis.

Consequently, Jennifer asks you to name the tendencies you beat yourself up about.  Then, list their positive flip sides.  For example, in high school Jennifer complained that her math teacher often lost her assignments.  But, as a friend pointed out, everyone thought of him as a mathematical visionary.  Since he constantly thought about his subject, his mind scattered in other areas.  As the author’s friend said, “People’s worst qualities are also their best qualities.”

In conclusion, Jennifer observes, there’s a sense of comfort in calling yourself a complete failure.  Hence, it’s easy to adopt a fatalistic attitude.  Yet, it’s hard to suggest that maybe things exist that you’re good at.  As Jennifer exhorts:

“Take a good, honest look at your worst qualities.  You will likely find that they are a channel to your superpowers.”

Today’s question: What Bible verses help you to clear your toxic clouds of shame?  Please share.

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