The best trick of the devil – only one blue flame

By Dave Henning / July 21, 2020

“[A priest friend] said, ‘The devil’s best trick is convincing us that what we had before was the only thing we could ever have.’  When you lose the ability to do the work you love, the devil — Resistance — wants you to believe this is it.  This was your blue flame, and now it’s been snuffed out.  It’s over.  No more blue flame for you.”- Jennifer Fulwiler

In Chapter 15 (“You Can Ignite a New Blue Flame”) of Your Blue Flame, Jennifer Fulwiler asserts her belief that some people ignite more than one blue flame in their lifetimes.  And if you cultivate more than one blue flame, the author exhorts, know that your impact matters.  Yes, your blue flames spread out to different people at different times.  But, your impact equals those with a single blue flame.  Also, the author encourages:

“If you go to bed most nights feeling like you added something beautiful to the world that was not there before, even if it was small, you’re probably exactly where you need to be.”

Yet, there’s one other danger implicit in the belief that your possess only one true calling.  As a result, you tend to cling to a blue flame that burned out long ago.  Thus, you can miss the opportunity to move on and find a new mission.  For me, Crown of Compassion represents the blue flame I ignited after my full-time teaching ministry ended.

Furthermore, it’s easy to lament past glory days – to let yourself slide into a malaise.

In conclusion, Jennifer exhorts you to prepare for God’s surprises.  She writes:

“If you once had a blue flame that has been extinguished by circumstances beyond your control, . . .  Be hopeful.  Be curious.  Let God surprise you with what’s coming next.  In some cases the new blue flame that’s ignited might be on a smaller scale or seem less glamorous than the one you had before.  Yet if you pay attention, you’ll see that you are making a difference — probably even more than you realize.”

Today’s question: What Bible verses help you to counter the devil’s best trick?  Please share.

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