Deeper union – intertwined with God

By Dave Henning / September 1, 2020

” . . . deeper union [is] where your being and God become intertwined.  This entwining, this interlacing is what the hidden roots of the forest do. . . .  we are after much more than faith, even more than intimacy.  We are after union, oneness – where our being and God’s being become intertwined.  The substance of our life . . . is filled over time to saturation with the substance of God’s life.”- John Eldredge

As John Eldredge continues Chapter 13 of Get Your Life Back, he talks about faithful servants of Christ.  Based on his years of counseling such faithful servants, John candidly states that faithful servants fail to enjoy a regular experience of deep intimacy with God.  As a result, these faithful servants rarely benefit from the restoration of their souls.  Nor do they experience inner healing.

Consequently, these servants find themselves stuck in that role.  Yet, as faithful servants, our heart cries out for something more.  Hence, at some point our soul opts for one of two choices:

  1. the soul says I’m out of here and we eject from the program.
  2. we seek a deeper healing

Above all, when we choose a deeper experience, over time we progress toward friendship with God.  Certainly, that creates a much better life.  And, John stresses, that life’s much truer to what the Gospels tell us.  In fact, both the Old and New Testaments describe the goal of our existence as union with God.

Furthermore, there’s something that must precede action and inspiration.  John explains:

“Our energy, vitality, strength, and endurance, all virtues like patience, loving-kindness, and forgiveness — these all flow from our union with God.  When the soul tries to produce any of these on its own, it tires very quickly.”

As cut flowers, John underscores, we need more than a vase.  Instead, we need grafting into a vine.  Thus, we must crave union with God.  In addition, we should pray for this union, make union a central part of our language, the main thing we seek.

Today’s question: What provides the greatest help as you seek deeper union with Christ?  Please share.

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