Human qualification or God-ordained passion?

By Dave Henning / September 11, 2020

“When it comes to doing the will of God, God-ordained passions are far more important than any human qualification we can bring to the table.  In fact, God often uses us at our point of greatest incompetence.  That way He gets all the credit.”- Mark Batterson

As Mark Batterson continues Chapter 2 of Wild Goose Chase, he talks about Nehemiah’s quest to rebuild the wall of Jerusalem.   Yet, Pastor Batterson notes, Nehemiah was severely underqualified to pursue his passion.  Because, in his role as cupbearer to the Babylonian king, Nehemiah never trained as an architect.  And, Mark adds, his resume listed no construction experience.

Certainly, Nehemiah could’ve stayed in Babylon.  However, as the author explains, Nehemiah’s passion = his responsibility.  Furthermore, Mark asks, read the following words prayerfully:

“When God puts a passion in your heart, . . that God-ordained passion becomes your responsibility.  And you have a choice to make.  Are you going to be irresponsibly responsible or responsibly irresponsible?”

Then, Pastor Batterson ties the above words to the will of God:

“In my experience, the will of God is difficult to discern because if often involves making a decision that seems irresponsible. . . .  And on one level is will seem impossible to those who cannot see the godly motivation.  But pursuing a God-ordained passion, no matter how crazy it seems, is the most responsible thing you can do.”

In addition, Mark observes, supernatural sadness and righteous indignation often reveal your God-ordained passions.  And what makes you smile.  So, somewhere in that midst you’ll find the Wild Goose waiting for you.

Finally, God-ordained passions often break our hearts or feel like overwhelming burdens.  But pursuing them provides the key to living a fruitful and fulfilling life.   It turns a career into a calling.  Also, it gives you Wild Goose bumps.  Above all, it brings you the greatest joy!

Today’s question: Do you agree with Mark that God-ordained passion trumps human qualification?  Please share.

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