Instantaneous nonlocality: distant spooky action

By Dave Henning / September 22, 2020

“Invisible links among all particles defy space and time.  The technical term is instantaneous nonlocality.  Albert Einstein referred to it as ‘spooky action at a distance.’  ‘Spooky action at a distance’ doubles as a decent definition for the sovereignty of God, doesn’t it?  God is superluminal.  He is God Most High and God Most Nigh.”- Mark Batterson

“[God] took [Abraham] outside and said, ‘Look up at the heavens and count the starts — if indeed you can count them.’  Then he said to him, ‘So shall your offspring be.’ “- Genesis 15:5 (NIV)

As Mark Batterson continues Chapter 4 of Wild Goose Chase, he talks about God’s promise to Abraham.  First, Mark observes, what Jesus did possesses as much significance as what He said.  God took Abraham outside.

Holed up in his tent, Abraham stared at an eight-foot ceiling — so to speak.  So, Pastor Batterson states, God took Abraham on a field trip and gave him an assignment.  Count the stars.  Most likely, Abraham never again looked into the sky in the same way.

Above all, Mark believes, God took Abraham outside because the tent’s man-made ceiling obscured his vision.  As a result, the tent kept God’s promises out of Abraham’s sight.  And, we also tend to make way too many assumptions about what is and what is not possible in the spiritual, faith world.  Thus, these eight-foot ceiling assumptions limit our lives.

Hence, the author contends, the smartest people in the world know what they don’t know.  In the philosophy of science, that’s known as critical realism.  Next, Mark applies that concept to the field of theology:

“We need a degree of critical realism in theology.  Pride is offended when assumptions are challenged.  Humility welcomes the challenge because the desire to know God is greater than the need to be right.  And humility, coupled with curiosity, drives us to keep asking, seeking, knocking.  The bottom line is this: the more faith you have, the fewer assumptions you will make.  Why?  Because with God all things are possible.”

Today’s question: How does the concept of instantaneous nonlocality – God Most High and God Most Nigh – apply to your faith?  Please share.

Tomorrow’s blog: “Faith is theological – not logical, illogical”

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