Absolutely unworthy – times we feel this way

By Dave Henning / September 27, 2020

“There are moments in our lives when we feel so badly that we feel absolutely unworthy to receive the grace of God.  And it is those moments of vulnerability that make or break us spiritually.  Either we lock ourselves in the cage of guilt and never come out, or we discover new dimensions of God’s grace.”- Mark Batterson

Mark Batterson continues Chapter 5 of Wild Goose Chase as he relates that, in his experience, our greatest regrets = our worst reactions.  However, God never reacts out of character.  Of all our heavenly Father’s qualities, Pastor Batterson believes His patience may be the most impressive.

Furthermore, Mark describes God’s love as proactive.  As a result, God doesn’t wait for us to put all our ducks in a row.  Instead, God always makes the first move.  And, He calls for us to follow suit.

In addition, the author exhorts, God never gives up on you.  Because it’s not in His nature.  So, even after Peter denied Jesus three times, Jesus perceived that Peter likely would beat himself up over his denials.  Thus, Jesus refused to give up on Peter.  Even though He knew Peter felt tempted to give up on Peter.

Above all, Pastor Batterson stresses, Peter’s denial also doubled as his moment of greatest spiritual vulnerability.  Most significantly, Jesus established eye contact at that precise moment – a relational connection.  In contrast, when you wrong someone, you tend to avoid eye contact.  Looking someone in the eye = an intimate act.  Also, if you look long enough, you’ll see into the other person’s soul.  And that person sees into your soul.

Finally, Mark talks about what happens when – through the power of the Holy Spirit – we put our faith in Christ:

“Nothing is more amazing to me than the spiritual transaction that takes place when we put our faith in Christ. . . .  There is no greater moment and no greater feeling than all of our guilt meeting all of God’s grace.”

Today’s question: What Bible verses provide the greatest help in moments when we feel absolutely unworthy?  Please share.

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