Expectations and hopes – exceeded!

By Dave Henning / October 9, 2020

“There is one pursuit we can go on, however, where our expectations and hopes are not only realized — they are exceeded. . . .  It is the pursuit of a deeper, sacred, more intimate connection with Jesus.  This pursuit is not one of striving or begging; rather, it is one of inheriting and embracing.  We chase the reality of God from a heart that is fully and finally at rest in Jesus.”- Heath Adamson

In the Introduction to The Sacred Chase: Moving from Proximity to Intimacy with God, Heath Adamson notes that all of us eventually chase after something of no real value.  Or we’ve achieved success at what, in the end, carries no lasting significance.  And we’ve also pursued things we deemed good and valuable, only to end up disappointed, rejected, or discouraged.

Certainly, Mr. Adamson firmly believes in pursuing dreams and taking risks.  Because something special takes place on the journey – whether you achieve the desired outcome or not.

However, Heath underscores, one pursuit far exceeds our expectations and hopes.  And that’s a mind-blowing, never-ending connection with God.  Yet, this pursuit goes far beyond the prime importance of spending eternity with God.  Above all, Mr. Adamson refers to the audacious pursuit of God and His reckless love for you – the sacred chase.  While God is our reward, the author stresses, He’s also at the beginning and the end – as well as the journey in between.

But, at some point, many if not all of us experience a tension between what we know to be true about God and our situation.  Yet, this doesn’t function as an excuse to get discouraged or to change our definition of God to coincide with our experience.  Instead, it’s a divine invitation.

In conclusion, Heath exhorts:

“Whether things are going great or you feel like your stuck in a cycle of things constantly falling apart, right now is your moment to shout a resounding yes and begin the chase — the sacred chase — that always results in winning the prize. . . .  The reality of Jesus in your life today.  This sacred chase . . . is about positioning your heart and responding to a divine glance.  And one glance is all it takes.”

Today’s question: How has Jesus exceeded your expectations and hopes?  Please share.

Tomorrow’s blog: “The results of our obedience – immeasurable”

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