Relevance as an excuse to compromise?

By Dave Henning / October 18, 2020

” . . . we must never use relevance as an excuse to compromise. . . .  adjusting your lifestyle is not equal to walking humbly and purely before God.  There is a realm of intimacy with God based solely on the access to your heart you provide to God.  Self-awareness can be difficult.  We know the areas we fall short — and yes, we all have them. . . .  God loves you.  Let God see what he already sees, deep down inside you.”- Heath Adamson

“Then the LORD God formed man of dust from the ground and breathed into his nostrils the breath of life, and the man became a living creature.”- Genesis 2:7 (ESV)

As Heath Adamson continues Chapter 2 of The Sacred Chase, he notes what rabbinical scholars teach about Genesis 2:7.  These rabbis teach that the dust God used to form man came from the four corners of the earth.  Or, God took the dust from what would eventually serve as the site of the temple altar.

Furthermore, many rabbis believe those two interpretations depict two attributes of the soul’s condition:

  1. we yearn to understand the world beyond
  2. we possess a deep longing for what lies just beyond to come close

Hence, Heath states, deep down the human heart longs for authentic connection with God.  Often, though, we don’t know how to proceed.  In addition, although we trust God with our eternal salvation, we find it quite easy to tolerate the baggage and issues that travel with us in life.  But, as Brene Brown observes, “Shame damages the roots from which love grows.”

Therefore, the author underscores, only one point of view suffices:

“There is a perspective found in the eyes of Jesus alone.  When you look closely, you see a true reflection of who you are and were created to be.  You also catch a glimpse of any baggage in your soul lurking near. . . .  There is an expression of Jesus that the world will never see if you are not authentically you.  Trading the world’s expectations of who you should be with who God formed you to become is not comfortable or easy.  It is dangerous.  But whoever said Jesus was safe and mediocre?”

Today’s question: When do people use relevance as an excuse to compromise?  Please share.

Tomorrow’s blog: the October Short Meditation, “Wise and understanding people to help God reign?”

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