The Sacred Chase . . . Intimacy with God

The Sacred Chase (BakerBooks, 2020)

Heath Adamson published The Sacred Chase: Moving from Proximity to Intimacy with God in March of 2020.  Mr. Adamson’s life changed dramatically at the age of seventeen.  Because God rescued Heath out of a life steeped in drug abuse and the occult.  Today Heath holds a PhD from the University of London.  In this book, Heath stresses that only one pursuit exceeds our expectations and hopes.  The pursuit of a deeper, sacred, more intimate connection with Jesus.  Yet, we often think of pursuit as a chasing after.  Instead, Heath defines the act of pursuit as one of inheriting and embracing God.  Most significantly, God is our reward at the beginning, the end, and the journey in between.  Thus, the sacred chase involves positioning your heart and responding to God’s divine glance.

Hence, Heath underscores, what you believe carries life-or-death implications.  Furthermore, what you do with that belief is equally, if not more, significant.  Because if you run the spiritual race with all your heart, but run in the wrong direction, you still won’t finish.  Therefore, it’s crucial to accept once and for all that God’s worthy of your pursuit.  However, one enemy of the sacred chase often remains undetected – proximity.  For many people confuse proximity to Jesus with intimacy with Jesus.  Certainly, it’s possible to act on your Christianity without truly knowing God’s heart.  Above all, there’s no limit on your connection with God unless you opt to place one there.  And your previous experiences shape your outlook for the future – or God’s character and audacious love for you will.

In addition, there’s a perspective found solely in Jesus’ eyes.  Consequently, when you look closely, you see a reflection of who you are and who God created you to be.  As a result, God points things out to you so that you experience greater spiritual freedom and release.  Not to discourage or punish you.  So, God actively partners with you in life to introduce you to the real you.  Of course, it’s easy to listen to your excuses in life.  But, it’s transformative when you choose to cultivate a deeper connection to God in the midst of their hollow tirades.  Beyond the camouflage of ‘normal’ the devil completes amazing work.  What you tolerate as normal, you create room for.  And if you’re not careful, that wreaks havoc on your soul.

Finally, Heath exhorts, present your authentic self before God.  Express in prayer what you find more comfortable to hide.  When you remove your mask you allow God into those areas He already knows about.  Let go of the lies you believe.  Also, lay down the accumulated baggage, excuses, and distractions.  Rather, respond to your inner yearning for deeper connection with God.  Discover your spiritual inheritance one intentional, surrendered step at a time.  The author concludes:

“You will never regret starting and finishing your sacred chase.  In the end, we are as close to God as we want to be.  The new normal, and only normal for that matter, is Jesus.  Let us crucify every excuse, and then let us begin the sacred chase.  It is the opportunity of a lifetime and for all of eternity.”

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