The sacred import of commonplace activity

By Dave Henning / December 26, 2020

” . . . a seemingly commonplace activity has sacred import because God [works] in, through, and behind people to serve His creation.  These . . . can effectively be accomplished through anyone – believers or not.  Christians, however, recognize God’s activity through them, rejoice in it, seek to grow in it, and desire God’s blessings through it.”- Rev. Jeffrey Leininger

As Rev. Jeffrey Leininger continues Chapter 3 of Callings for Life, he talks about the third and fourth touchstones that distinguish Christians from non-Christians in their work as masks of God.

 3.  Manner.  Christians embrace their role as God’s agents.  As as result,  the manner through which they fulfill their responsibilities markedly differs from non-Christians.  Thus, Christians differ in:

  • how they conduct themselves
  • the ways they express their faith
  • the integrity they display
  • fervor that accompanies their work

Finally, being God’s gloves = a tough and, at times, overwhelming business.  All the more reason, the author asserts, to always return to the One unending source of forgiveness and strength – Jesus.

4.  Mission.  In a world ravaged by sin and its consequences, Christians seek with intent to function as agents of God’s providential care.  Therefore, Christians see their mission as Christ’s mission.  As salt and light in the world, they give witness to the hope that is within them.

In conclusion, Rev. Leininger uses the big fish from the Book of Jonah as an example of the extraordinary through the ordinary.  Hence, the author zeroes in on a most unlikely character.  Because there’s only one thing the big fish need to do.  And that’s act like a big fish.  Rev. Leininger explains:

“God uses the ordinary vocation of the big fish to swallow up a prophet, spit him out where he was supposed to be, and bring an entire people back to Himself. . . .  take comfort from the life of the big fish.  First find your calling in the ordinary rather than the dramatic — God will write the rest of the story.”

Today’s question: What helps you see the sacred import of commonplace activity?  Please share.

Tomorrow’s blog: “Discerning God at work through you”

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