Show up and stay still – our God agenda?

By Dave Henning / February 6, 2021

“A lot of us want God to . . . show up and stay still.  We want to pencil Him in for a few hours on Sunday and possibly a few prayers, a devotional book, or even a couple of chapters of the Bible during the week. . . .  But when it comes to actually letting Him take over, that’s not how we want to roll.”- Dr. Tony Evans

“For David, after he had served the purpose of God in his own generation, fell asleep and was laid with his fathers.”- Acts 13:36 (ESV)

Dr. Tony Evans concludes Chapter 2 of Discover Your Destiny with a discussion about the purpose of God.  As Dr. Evans observes, according to the book of Acts, David accomplished what God put him on earth to do.  Certainly, David wasn’t a perfect man.  Yet, he acted like a man after God’s own heart.  Therefore, the blessings David received flowed out of his destiny.

Hence, Dr. Evans issues a challenge.  He exhorts you to change one thing in your life.  Next, watch that one thing change everything.  Because when you put God first in all your life, you’ll experience the fullness and maximum potential of who you are.  Also, as you enter into what God’s ordained you to be, you receive the blessing He has in store for you.

Early in her career, Florence Chadwick attempted to swim from Catalina Island to the California coast.  A distance of about 26 miles.  On her first attempt, a dense fog made the grueling swim difficult.  After more than 15 hours in the icy Pacific waters, Florence quit.  However, when she climbed into the boar, she found out she’d stopped loess than a mile from shore.  Because Florence lost hope in what she failed to see.

But she succeeded on her second try because she maintained a mental vision of her destination throughout the swim.  Dr. Evans notes:

“Friend, this world is like a fog.  If you focus on this world, it will distort your perspective and slow your progress. . . .  Focusing on the world creates static on the line that will interfere with what the Spirit wants to speak to your mind.  But if you focus your mind on God and His kingdom, you will pierce through the fog of this world.”

Today’s question: Do you want God to simply show up and be still?  Please share.

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