A clear sense of your destiny

By Dave Henning / February 8, 2021

“A clear sense of your destiny makes your life stable — circumstances no longer control your emotions or your decisions.  If you are not clear about your purpose, you are prone to being blown about by situations.”- Dr. Tony Evans

As Dr. Tony Evans continues Chapter 3 of Discover Your Destiny, he presents the next three rationales for discovering your destiny.

3.  Stability.  There’s one quite dependable constant in life.  Something always goes wrong.  Challenging circumstances arise.  So, you face one question.  How do you respond in the face of those events?  Because clarity of purpose negates the ability of circumstances to dictate your decisions.  Of course, at times you feel discouraged, disappointed, or irritated.  However, your purpose guides your decisions – regardless of how you feel.  Dr. Evans explains:

“When you are living out your destiny, even on your worst day, you still have a purpose, and you are still intent on pursuing and fulfilling it.  You are in the center of what God wants you to do, so you keep going.  Destiny gives you stability, and stability fosters endurance.”

4.  Significance.  Don’t focus on culture’s assessment of significance.  Instead, let God chisel you into the magnificent work of art He’s designed.  When you discover and fulfill your destiny, that unleashes your full significance for all to see.

5.  Identity.  Identity theft occurs in the spiritual world.  Because Satan seeks to steal what God ordained for you.  Satan desires to steal and destroy the life Jesus came to give.  So when Satan confiscates your identity in Christ, he ruins your life.  In conclusion, Dr. Evans counsels:

“You know you have lost touch with your personal identity when you spend time wishing you were someone else.  If you are doing that, you don’t know who you are or you don’t think much of who you are.”

Today’s question:  What most helps you maintain a clear sense of your destiny?  Please share.

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