Your authentic core – new creation in Christ

By Dave Henning / February 9, 2021

“Because you are a believer in Jesus Christ, your authentic core is a brand-new creation.  You have been re-created in Jesus Christ.  He . . . placed a brand-new essence inside you. . . .  But we can’t force it to come out, and we can’t use it to patch up or fix what we have.  No, we experience the newest and truest form of our own personal destiny by abiding in Jesus Christ.” – Dr. Tony Evans

Dr. Tony Evans concludes Chapter 3 of Discover Your Destiny as he first looks at three aspects of identity:  the new creation, imperishable seed, and abiding.  Then he closes with the sixth rationale, provision.

a.  The New Creation.  Only one’s authentic core represents the true criteria for evaluation.  And as a believer in Jesus Christ, your authentic core = a brand-new creation.  Therefore, to know who you are you must let God tell you.  Because He’s the One giving you new things in your new creation.

b.  Imperishable Seed.  When Jesus saved you, the new seed planted within you came with the potential for growth.  Hence, that seed needs to grow in order to realize its destiny.  As a result, Dr. Evans stresses:

“Destiny is the seed.  It is not the activities.  The DNA of your destiny has been planted within you, and the only way to live it out is for the new creation within you to grow.”

c.  Abiding.  In connection with God’s Word, the new seed planted within you grows in the soil of a relationship with Jesus Christ.  Consequently, this is called abiding.  Furthermore, you grow into your destiny with the right seed planted in the right soil, watered by the Word.

6.  Provision.  Since God always provides for what He destines, His provision ties directly to your destiny.  Thus, Dr. Evans exhorts, take time to consider whether you’re walking in your destiny.  However, Dr. Evans counsels:

“Keep your eyes open for His provision because it doesn’t always come the way you might expect.  He has a purpose for who you are to be and what you are to do, and as you live out that purpose He will provide all you need in the most helpful way.”

Today’s question: Do people easily see your authentic core?  Please share.

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