Our spiritual and emotional natures

By Dave Henning / July 8, 2021

“Both our spiritual and emotional natures need to be based on knowing reality (material and unseen).  Spiritual growth without emotional growth leads to illusion and pride.  At the same time, emotional growth without spiritual growth is empty and vain. . . .  But integrating the two by following the CHRIST stages helps us to keep growing.”- Kristi Gaultiere

In Chapter 7 (The I Stages: Inner Journey”) of Journey of the Soul, Kristi Gaultiere talks about aspects of the I Stage.  For example, the I Stage provides an opportunity for increasing intimacy with Jesus and the Father.  But often it doesn’t feel this way at first.  Because we’re just starting to emerge from the dark valley of suffering, faith crisis, or spiritual dryness at The Wall.

Certainly, at this point we need to resist the traps to shut down our inner distress or distance ourselves from God.  However, as we become emotionally honest with God and people we an trust, we receive more of the Holy Spirit’s inner healing.  Then, in turn, He re-forms us.  Above all, your joy and confidence now centers on more than just physical blessings.  Rather, it centers more in the spiritual realities of Christ’s cross and His kingdom.

Thus, the I Stage represents a rebirth of the C-Stage’s Confidence in Christ.  Hence, here we discover again our first love – to love one another as Christ loves us.  And we’re also learning inside out spirituality.  When we tap into the Holy Spirit’s energy, abundant fruitfulness results.

Instead, if we deny this invitation of the I Stage, that thwarts our growth in Christ.  Therefore, faith and feeling must work together.  For example, Kristi states, that means that you accept desolation as a learning opportunity.  Or pray Scripture in order to understand your emotions and inner child.

In conclusion, Kristi counsels:

“At the I Stage you especially need soft eyes, mirrored feelings, and warm words to light up your brain cells and your whole being with Christ’s embracing presence.  Typically, the intensity of your distress at The Wall evokes repressed hurts and unmet needs from earlier in your life, and this can spur you to grow deep in your salvation.”

Today’s question: What most helps you integrate your spiritual and emotional natures?  Please share.

Tomorrow’s blog: “Emotions of Christ – how to convey His presence”

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