Emotions of Christ – how to convey His presence

By Dave Henning / July 9, 2021

“Connecting with the emotions of Christ helps us to feel and convey his presence in our conversing, praying, playing, preaching, teaching, and working.  It helps clothe ourselves with Christ’s virtues of compassion, humility, gentleness, and patience (Colossians 3:12).”- Bill Gaultiere

As Bill Gaultiere continues Chapter 7 of Journey of the Soul, he notes that we’re prone to deny distressing emotions.  As a result, such action banishes them into an unconscious region of our body.  There those emotions turn toxic, causing sickness, depression, anxiety, cynicism, and isolation. It also causes harmful conflicts with other people.

Yet, as we bond with Jesus, we put more value in our emotions.  This takes place as we meditate on the Gospels and engage in love-one-another relationships.  Above all, compassion tops the list of Christ qualities Paul cites in Colossians 3:12.  Because all other emotions flow from it.  And it’s perhaps the trait that most defines Jesus.

In addition, Bill observes, everyone longs for empathy.  Whether they admit it or not.  Even so, empathy remains crucial to making progress in the I Stage.  Bill adds:

“Learning to feel your emotions softens your heart for the grace of a deeper experience of Jesus’ friendship, the Father’s love, and the Spirit’s presence and power.  To grow in this grace you need to absorb compassionate listening.  That’s because as a child (or emotional beginner) you learn to feel your own emotions only after a parent (or friend) feels them with you and verbalizes them for you.”

In seventeenth-century England, John Wesley hit The Wall.  Due to his overzealous religion, overwork as a pastor, and failure to care for his emotional needs.  Wesley remained at The Wall for years.  He also believed he wasn’t a Christian.

But one day, at the age of thirty-four, Wesley went to a church meeting.  At the meeting someone read from Martin Luther’s writings on grace.  Sometime later, Wesley exclaimed, “I felt my heart strangely warmed.”

This spark renewed Wesley’s soul.

Today’s question: What Bible verses most help you connect with the emotions of Christ?  Please share.

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