Catching the wind of the Spirit

By Dave Henning / July 11, 2021

“The S Stage is like catching the wind of the Spirit in your sail.  Devoted to the Lord’s service and empowered by the Holy Spirit, we can have sustaining joy and power. . . .  We’re learning to integrate our work and prayer in the Cycle of Grace, so our doing flows out of being with Jesus as we walk and work with him in his easy yoke.”- Bill Gaultiere

In Chapter 8 (“The S Stage: Spirit-Led Ministry”) of Journey of the Soul, Bill Gaultiere succinctly summarizes our impact in the S Stage.  Bill states:

“Our greatest joy and impact is to act with the presence and power of the Spirit to serve others.”

As a result, in Spirit-Led Ministry we learn to build on our growing self-awareness and God-awareness.  Hence, we begin to live and work from our authentic self.  A self that God, Jesus redeemed, and the Holy Spirit anointed.  In addition, this creates a center of deep-rooted calmness and  confidence.  Because the Holy Spirit strengthen us to carry out God’s divine will to love our friends, neighbors, and even our enemies in Jesus’ name.

However, Satan attempts to divert us from relying on the Holy Spirit.  Instead, he tries to entice us into a false spirituality of emotionalism or impulsiveness.   Furthermore, Bill relates a story about Teresa of Jesus.  One day, as Teresa walked to a prayer meeting, she got caught in a fierce rainstorm.  She fell into the mud.  As Teresa looked up to the Lord in heaven, she quipped: “If that is how you treat your friends, no wonder you have so few of them!”

Certainly, getting muddy is a minor irritation.  But when we feel rejected or mistreated by God, that’s hugely painful.  And it can derail our journey through the CHRIST stages.  Sending us back to  The Wall.  John of the Cross, Teresa’s friend, referred to these spiritual trials as the Dark Night of the Soul.  In the next blog, Bill takes a closer look at John’s concept.

Today’s question: What Bible verses support you in catching the wind of the Spirit in your sail?  Please share.

Tomorrow’s blog: “The bottle of spiritual consolation”

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