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By Dave Henning / August 19, 2021

“Each day you and I are listening to something.  The hard days seem to be the days when doubt shouts its greatest lies.  But what you listen to becomes the house you live in.  God is always speaking. . . .  Most of the time, we are the ones who struggle to listen.  And this will always be a decision – to listen to God.”- Nicki Koziarz

“But the Helper, the Holy Spirit, whom the Father will send in my name, he will teach you things and bring to your remembrance all that I have said.”- John 14:26 (ESV)

In Chapter 4 (“Listen Up”) of Flooded, Nicki Koziarz first reminds us of Noah’s decision to walk with God.  But there’s a second decision we find in Noah’s process.  For Noah decided to listen to what God said.

After God expressed His grief for humanity, He explained His plan to Noah.  God also included very specific instructions for the ark.  However, the issue didn’t center on whether or not Noah agreed with God.  Rather, it was up to Noah to listen to God’s way.  Above all, God provided Noah with a word of hope.

Therefore, Nicki exhorts, God shows a way and gives a word:

“As God speaks to you about your disbelief that has turned into doubt, He will show you a way back to belief.  He will give you hope to hold onto.

But when God speaks, He often speaks a word . . . that requires a brave act of obedience on our part.  Obeying God is the thing you’ll have to convince your heart to not be afraid of.  But the greatest peace comes after the hardest things are surrendered.”

In conclusion, a most comforting thing Nicki finds in Noah’s process is that he didn’t try to make sense of it all.  Thus, Noah rolled with the flow.  Hence, our hearts also need a place to land.  A place where we admit we don’t get this either, where we give up trying to make sense of God.”

Today’s question: How does listening to something become the house you live in?  Please share.

Tomorrow’s blog: “Mountain of doubt – silence before God”

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