What God commanded Noah to do

By Dave Henning / August 25, 2021

“Noah did what God commanded him to do.  He was able to push past all the doubt, loneliness, fear, and negativity around him.  It didn’t matter what others said or thought about him. . . .  However, we can be impacted by the opinions of others, isolated in our actions, and not become defeated to the point that it causes our own disobedience.”- Nicki Koziarz

Nicki Koziarz closes Chapter 8 of Flooded with three ways to maintain a positive heart, mind, and soul when you feel lots of negativity running toward you.  Whether that comes from others or yourself.

 1.  Be brave.  You need courage to decide to obey God.  Because doubters tend to come out of the woodwork.  Either through their silence or their criticism.  However, don’t respond in a rude or critical manner.  Above all, it’s hard to rise above the doubters as you refuse to sink to their level.

2.  Give it some time.  Noah took much longer than a day to build the ark.  And the incredible work God’s building in you takes more than a day.  Therefore, give yourself time to grow as well as to grieve.  And when you’re ready, go!  Time tests our hearts.  We must remain faithful through the long and the short.

3.  Remember who you don’t want to be.  Finally, this process possesses the potential to teach us who we don’t want to become.  For example, Nicki suggests the following action when someone says negative things about another person.  Even if you agree with that assessment, squelch the desire to voice that opinion.  Stay positive.  Above all, Nicki exhorts:

“Everyone has something to teach us, and sometimes it’s simply to remember who we never want to be.”

Instead, we want to be people who find where God’s moving – and join Him there.  Therefore, today’s a really good day to decide, this is worth it!

Today’s question: How do you apply what God commanded Noah to do to counter the impact of others’ opinions?  Please share.

Tomorrow’s blog: “Emotional floodwaters – trying to run”

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