Your supply box – already full to overflowing

By Dave Henning / September 8, 2021

“God does not have to go out and work to refill your supply box.  Your supply box is already full to overflowing.  Everything you are going to need to fulfill God’s plan and purpose for your life has already been placed in your supply box, and has been there since the moment of your conception.”- Dr. Charles F. Stanley

Dr. Stanley concludes Chapter 2 of Can You Still Trust God? with three significant truths.  We must recognize these truths about God’s provision and His storehouse of unlimited supply.

1.  God, and God alone, is the One who provides.  God alone holds the keys to the storehouse.  In addition, He originates and gives the supply.  Furthermore, Dr. Stanley exhorts:

“The quicker we come to the understanding that only God in Christ is the Need Maker, the sooner we will release other people from the tremendous burden we try to place upon them to meet our needs and provide for us all of the emotional support and love that God alone can provide.”

2.  His means of availability is Christ Jesus.  Therefore, Jesus gives us access to God the Father.  Above all, He repeatedly brings our needs to the Father to receive God’s ample supply.  And we possess the privilege of receiving His supply.  God never cuts us off from His supply.

 3.  A full provision for every need.  Because God created these needs within us from birth, He’s also created a full provision for those needs.  Hence, Dr. Stanley counsels:

“God creates needs so that we might trust Him to provide for those needs, and, in the process, we might grow our relationship with Him and strengthen our ability to be and do what He has created us to do. . . .

It is out of God’s great love and mercy that He has built a God-shaped vacuum into our lives and then offered to freely, generously, and abundantly fill that void with His love, presence, and power.”

Today’s question: Do you truly believe your supply box is already filled to overflowing?  Please share.

Tomorrow’s blog: “Periods of intense neediness”

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