The aftermath of the storm

By Dave Henning / September 11, 2021

“What we do in the aftermath of the storm, and especially to keep another storm from arising, is very important, and it relates to the nature of the storm.  But while we are in the storm, it’s nature is not an important issue.  Neither is the cause the issue.  When you are in the midst of a storm, your primary concern is survival.  Pointing a finger at the person or circumstances that caused the storm is not a productive response.”- Dr. Charles F. Stanley

Dr. Stanley continues Chapter 4 of Can You Still Trust God? as he talks about reaching inner contentment, strength, and satisfaction as we ‘learn Christ.’   However, Dr. Stanley counsels, it’s especially important that we experience the provision of God’s presence in the stormy times of our lives.  Those times when we’re keenly aware of our needs or neediness.

Consequently  Dr. Stanley draws this conclusion about storms:

“The conclusion we must draw is this: storms occurs, and storms cause damage — sooner of later, to greater or lesser degrees — unless they are dealt with by the only One capable of truly calming a natural or emotional storm, Jesus Christ.  In learning to deal with life’s storms, we must turn to Jesus and discover the provision He makes for us when storms strike.”

Above all, just as Jesus was present with His disciples in the storm, He’s present for us.  Hence, He’s with us at all times and in all circumstances.  Jesus remains with you every second of your life!

In conclusion, Dr. Stanley underscores, nothing matches the power of an awareness that Jesus is present.  No human presence – friend, advisors, colleagues – ever matches the presence of Jesus.  Therefore, Dr. Stanley advises:

“Storm strike us at time and often fiercely.  We may feel as if there is no way out — everything becomes an intense struggle that seems overwhelming. . . .  You can be assured that [Jesus] knows every detail about the storm you’re experiencing.  He knows far more about the storm than you know or will ever know. . . .  He knows how you struggle when you are in a storm. ”

And just as He was present for the disciples, Jesus comes!

Today’s question: What Scriptures support you in the aftermath of the storm?  Please share.

Tomorrow’s blog: “Call for Jesus to show up?”

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