Call for Jesus to show up?

By Dave Henning / September 12, 2021

“We never need to call for Jesus to show up.  He is already present.  We may have a sudden awareness of His presence, so much that it feels as if He just showed up, but it is not a sudden coming of Jesus – rather, a sudden awareness on our part.”- Dr. Charles F. Stanley

As Dr. Stanley continues in Chapter 4 of Can You Still Trust God?, he talks about three factors.  Taken together, these three factors add up to total assurance regarding our awareness of Jesus’ presence.

1.  Comforted.  We immediately feel comfort when we’re aware that Jesus is with us.  However, each of us knows that it’s much easier to feel fearful when we’re alone.  But even one friend with us in a time of trouble helps us to take comfort in that friend’s presence.  And Jesus = the Friend of friends!

2.  More Courageous.  Because Jesus, King of Kings and Lord of Lords, comes to us in the storm, we take courage to face the things before us.  In addition, who possesses the power to stand against us with Jesus beside us?

3.  More Confident.  Finally, we develop confidence that God will see us through.  Above all, that confidence correlates directly with the knowledge that our current trial will come to an end.  Therefore, Dr. Stanley exhorts:

“When Jesus appears . . . He comes as Victor.  The devil cannot remain where Jesus dwells.  The enemy cannot succeed when Jesus arrives on the scene.  Our confidence is no longer in ourselves to be able to survive, to endure, or to conquer; our confidence is in Jesus.”

In  conclusion, Dr. Stanley stresses, our awareness of Jesus’ presence serves as a reminder – that no storm can separate us from Jesus.  No matter how fiercely that storm rages or the power it unleashes against us.

Hence, we remain linked to God’s love, forgiveness, help, and promises.

Today’s question: Have you ever found yourself making the call for Jesus to show up?  Please share.

Tomorrow’s blog: “The full expectation of His fullness – Jesus is”

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