Change His nature to suit you?

By Dave Henning / September 16, 2021

“God does not change His nature in order to make you feel better about yourself.  This is something human beings often try to do; alter their behavior so that other people will respond to them in ways that are warm and accepting.  God does not change.”- Dr. Charles F. Stanley

“Jesus Christ is the same yesterday, today, and forever.”- Hebrews 13:8 (NKJV)

In Chapter 6 (“A Message Precisely for You”) of Can You Still Trust God?, Dr. Charles Stanley stresses God’s desire to communicate with you on a daily basis.  Hence, God talks to you as often as you need to hear from Him.  Perhaps several times a day.

Furthermore, Dr. Stanley underscores, God always has something to say to each one of us.  As a result, God never runs out of precise messages for us.  Yet, the author observes, he’s discovered that most people spend about 99 percent of their time talking to God.  Therefore, Dr. Stanley counsels:

“If you spend all your time telling God about your problems and needs, your feelings, your hopelessness, your desires, you are missing out on hearing about God’s desires, His feelings, and His dreams for your live, and for the lives of others.  You also miss out on hearing how God feels about you.”

Above all, Dr. Stanley exhorts, own up to your feelings.  Next, ask God to help you see a true picture of who He is and His true nature.  In addition, Dr. Stanley believes God will reveal Himself to you.

In conclusion, Dr. Stanley shares three messages God communicates to us on a daily basis.  Here’s the first message.

1.  God loves you.  Certainly, we know this in a broad, general sense.  But God has a unique way of expressing His love for us on an ongoing, daily basis.

However, Dr. Stanley suggests, perhaps the main reason you’ve never heard God express His great love to you is this.  You’ve never stopped petitioning Him long enough to listen to His voice.

Today’s question: Do you ever wish for God to change His nature so that you feel better about yourself?  Please share.

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