Facts and truth – a big difference

By Dave Henning / September 17, 2021

“There is a big difference between facts and the truth.  Facts are rooted in details that tell who, what, when, where, and how.  Truth, however, encompasses more than facts.  Your quest must be . . . to understand life’s facts in the context of God’s eternal purposes.  You must seek to have His understanding and to know what things means from His perspective.”- Dr. Charles F. Stanley

Dr. Charles Stanley concludes Chapter 6 of Can You Still Trust God? with the second and third great messages God desires to communicate with you on a daily basis.

2.  I am with you – regardless.  The Holy Spirit builds you up for strength and ministry.  Hence, the Holy Spirit continually affirms your worth and value – that you belong.

Above all, Dr. Stanley counsels, when the devil roars against you, don’t pray that the roaring ceases.  Rather, pray for boldness to roar back your witness of the gospel with even greater intensity.  Furthermore, when faced with a puzzling situation or difficult problem, ask the Lord to:

  • reveal the immediate solution
  • the truth of the matter

3.  You future and ultimate destiny.  Dr. Stanley stresses that the hope of heaven creates a purifying effect on your life.  Because when you keep heaven and the rewards of God in sharp focus before you, the following happens.  You develop an increased desire and commitment to live as God intends.  Dr. Stanley adds:

“When you look around, you easily can become discouraged and feel as if you have failed to succeed according to the standards of the world.  According to the standards of life in your heavenly home, you have a sense of encouragement and a feeling that you are succeeding according to God’s standards.”

In conclusion, Dr. Stanley reminds us, God’s always speaking.  However, you must ask yourself this question: Am I listening?

Because God always has more He desires to share, reveal, and impart to you.  In the process you’re comforted, guided, and perfected.

Today’s question: What helps you differentiate between facts and truth?  Please share.

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Tomorrow’s blog: “Expectantly believing God’s promises”

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