The issues that entangle us

By Dave Henning / September 26, 2021

“For the most part, we are the ones who determine how long we will be anxious. . . .  Too often, however, we fail to deal with the issues that entangle us, and we allow worry and anxiety to settle permanently in our souls.  The result is that we lose our peace. . . .  This way of thinking can become established within us and lead to negative attitudes that can last for years.”- Dr. Charles F. Stanley

In Chapter 12 (“Dealing with the Causes of Anxiety”) of Can You Still Trust God?, Dr. Charles Stanley talks about five inner needs that cause long-term anxiety.  Hence, if anxiety operates as your default setting, you need to take a look at the reasons for that feeling.

 1.  A lack of self-worth.  When you feel a lack of self-worth, focus on your value to God, your heavenly Father.  Therefore, dispel the thought that God isn’t capable or desirous of fulfilling your needs.  Daily, hourly, or minute-by-minute.   Jesus’ sacrifice for you on the cross provides the greatest display of this truth – God is capable!!

 2.  A desire for total control.  Above all, we try to extend this control to things over which we truly have no power.  Furthermore, Dr. Stanley wryly notes, we never hear of people ‘worrying themselves to life.’  Hence, allow God to do what only He can do.  Trust Him to act on your behalf.

 3.  Concern for what others think.  Jesus tells us that only our heavenly Father’s opinion of us truly matters.  Most significantly, Dr. Stanley stresses, we cannot disappoint God.  Because such disappointment reflects conditional love.  And God loves us unconditionally.  So trust God to lead and guide you in the paths He wants you to pursue.

 4.  Striving to follow the world’s pattern.  Only Jesus provides the confidence of security deep within.  Also, Jesus shows you the higher purposes for your life.

 5.  Living in the tomorrow.  When you worry about the near or distant future, you miss out on the fullness of today.  In addition, God’s already prepared for what will happen to you.  Trust God to meet your deep inner needs.

Today’s question: What Bible verses help you deal with the issues that entangle you?  Please share.

Tomorrow’s blog: “God hurts when you hurt – regardless”

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