Uplifting moments = success?

By Dave Henning / October 3, 2021

“Success is not based on how you feel or on the uplifting moments when you receive rewards, recognition, or overwhelming responses from others.  Success is to be found in the way you live day in and day out.  It is to be found as you pursue what God calls you to do and to be.”- Dr. Charles F. Stanley

“Beloved, I pray that you may prosper in all things and be in health, just as your soul prospers.”- 3 John 2 ()NKJV)

In Chapter 18 (“Success God’s Way”) of Can You Still Trust God?, Dr. Charles Stanley underscores that the success or prosperity God intends for you always encompasses a whole-person prosperity.  Thus, this prosperity equates to ‘wholeness in action.’

Above all, Dr. Stanley observes, John prayed that the Lord’s followers prospered outwardly as their souls prospered.  As a result, Dr. Stanley queries, how many of us truly desire to prosper to the degree our souls prosper?

However, Dr. Stanley cautions, any person doing the will of God most certainly faces opposition from the devil.  And from those whom the devil influences.  Therefore, we must truly believe the God in heaven works on our behalf and commits to our success.

But, Dr. Stanley points out, mundane days far outnumber the glorious ones:

“For most of our lives . . . the days are marked by sheer obedience, persistence, endurance, and struggle.  Most days are not ones of either glowing success or devastating failure. . . . Success is not the end of a process.  Success it how we undertake the process.  God’s Word is our guidebook for the journey.” (emphasis Dr. Stanley’s)

In conclusion, the author stresses that God’s created in you an inbred desire for success so that you will act.  That you motivate yourself to discover your gifts and talents – then use them in the right ways.

And never sell yourself short.  Because then you underestimate God in you and sell His abilities short.

Today’s question: Do you only equate uplifting moments with success?  Please share.

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