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By Dave Henning / October 27, 2021

“Growing Slow takes daily intentionality.  There’s little doubt that un-hurrying our hearts will require the breaking down of old habits and the building up of new and sustainable ones. . . .  Countering the psychology of speed demands a conscious rebellion.  Slowing down doesn’t just happen.  Until, it does, ‘just happen.’ “- Jennifer Dukes Lee

In Chapter 18 (“The Five Things We Can’t Afford to Forget”) of Growing Slow, Jennifer Dukes Lee presents a list of five things she can’t afford to forget following the pandemic.

1.  It’s healthy to be in the ‘right here, right now.’  Living in the now represents a core belief of the Growing Slow mindset.  In addition, the right now holds so much loveliness.  And that includes a deeper understanding that God’s running the show on planet Earth.  So hold on loosely to your plans.  Lift them up to God in open, cupped hands.

2.  Nature never hurries.  Tune into the natural rhythms God set in motion from the beginning.  Rather than the false rhythms you created to advance your purposes.  Because, from the beginning, nature’s embodied a Growing Slow mindset.  Also, nature never hurries – and always heals.

3.  A scarcity mindset breeds panic.  A Growing Slow mindset promotes peace.   A scarcity mindset rushes to acquire excess, because it believes there will never be enough.  Therefore, a scarcity mindset centers on hurrying and bustling.

However, a Growing Slow mindset only takes what’s needed, for it trusts there will be more.  Finally, a Growing Slow mindset is about un-hurrying your heart and finding longed-for peace.

4.  The Ancient Way of Growing Slow is a rescue boat on the sea of uncertainty.  Usually, hard seasons last longer than we like.  As a result, the Ancient Way of Growing Slow functions as a lifeboat on rough seas.  For the only way out is through.  And calmer days will come.

5.  Everything that we always had in Christ is still ours.  Only the unchangeable assurance of Christ alone provides lasting security.  So, even when all hell breaks loose on earth, we actually possess everything we need.  As we read in 2 Peter 1:3 (NIV)–“His divine power has given us everything we need.”

Today’s question: Do you exercise daily intentionality in Growing Slow?  Please share.

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