Eloquent in His seeming silence

By Dave Henning / December 16, 2021

“The book of Esther relates the story of our whispering God, who in unseen and inscrutable ways superintends all the actions and circumstances for the good of his people. . . .  [God] need not be loud to be strong.  He need not cast a shadow to be present.  God is still eloquent in his seeming silence and still active when he appears most distant.”- Max Lucado

Max Lucado concludes Chapter 1 of Made for This Moment with observations about life in the midst of a wintry season.  You wonder about the absence of spirituality and the seeming absence of God.  As a result, God seems hidden, distant, removed.  In addition, Max notes, your world feels cut loose from the sun.

Therefore, Pastor Lucado points us to a gold nugget found in the substratum of the Esther story: quiet providence.  Thus, Max explains:

“Grand reversals are God’s trademark.  When we feel as though everything is falling apart, God is working in our midst, causing everything to fall into place.  He is the king of quiet providence, and he invites you and me to partner with him in his work.  The headline of the book of Esther reads: Relief will come. . . .  Will you be part of it?

Hence, Max underscores, even though all seems lost, it’s not.  And the final say belongs to God – even when evil appears to own the day.  So, there’s a Joseph for every famine and a David for every Goliath.  God always has His person.  Also, just as God selected someone in the story of Esther, in your story He has you.

In conclusion, Pastor Lucado stresses, God’s solutions to this messy world come through people of courage.  People who believe God made them for a moment like this.  Max offers these words of hope:

“Winters don’t last forever.  Trees will soon bud.  Snow will soon melt.  Springtime is only a turn of the calendar away.  For all we know God’s hand is about to turn the page.”

Today’s question: What Scriptures help you see God as eloquent in His seeming silence?  Please share.

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