The biggest returns on investment

By Dave Henning / March 4, 2022

“We tend to think of habits as external exercises that increase proficiency or productivity. . . .  But the biggest returns on investment come from internal habits that no one sees.  Your internal monologue.  Your explanatory style.  The stories you tell yourself day in and day out.”- Mark Batterson

“For as he thinks in his heart, so is he.”- Proverbs 23:7 (NKJV)

Mark Batterson prefaces Day 9 (“Change Your Story”) of Do It for a Day with Habit 1 – Flip the Script.  Pastor Batterson begins with two kinds of change found in the science of cybernetics.  First-order change — behavioral — involves doing something more or less.  For example, to lose weight you eat less and exercise more.

Certainly, first-order change often facilitates a quick fix.  But second-order change — conceptual — involves mind over matter.  Thus, it’s where the magic happens.  Because everything is created twice: first creation = internal, second creation = physical.

As the lead pastor at National Community Church, Mark’s led every kind of person under the sun.  Even his fair share of EGR people – extra grace required.  However, Mark admits, the hardest person to lead is the one he sees in the mirror every morning.  Pastor Batterson adds:

” No one is harder to lead than me, myself, and I.  Leadership starts with self-leadership.  It’s cultivating private habits . . . doing the right thing, regardless of who’s watching or not watching.  If you want to win the day, you have to win in the dark!  In my book, success is when those who know you best respect you the most.  It’s being a better person in private than you are in public.  Or at the very least, the same person!”

In conclusion, Pastor Batterson cites a study done by the Cleveland Clinic.  The study found that negative thoughts comprise 80 percent of one’s thinking.  Consequently, we need to place great importance on sanctifying our self-talk.  Because that’s where we win or lose the battle.

Today’s question: What internal habits help you place the biggest returns on investment?  Please share.

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