The depth of the lie we embrace

By Dave Henning / June 2, 2022

“We can tell the depth of the lie we’ve embraced by the level of disappointment we experience in our lives. . . .  [God] won’t let His children believe lies about Him.  He’s a God of truth and that truth includes the truth about who He is, and who we are, and what He expects of us in this lifetime.”- Lina AbuJamra

Lina AbuJamra concludes Chapter 2 of Fractured Faith as she makes the connection between longing, desire, and expectation.  Desires come first.  Next, those desires drive our longings.  Finally, our expectations come – our anticipated outcomes.

Furthermore, our expectations connect more to our anticipated outcomes.  As a result, they’re less attached to our desires.  Also, all too often, our fears influence those expectations.  Consequently, Lina notes, we tend to taper our expectations to protect ourselves from future pain.

However, Lina offers this advice regarding expectations:

“The problem with expectations is that they can make or break our faith. . . .  Expectations . . . based on God’s promises . . . will always bring delight because they rest in God’s character and in His goodness.  Our problems start when — with tight fists — we bring God expectations that hinge on our own wants and desires, often centered around our comfort and perceived happiness, regardless of what He might want for us.”

Hence, a better understanding of our desires enables us to form our expectations.  What is it that we really want or long for?  Or, Lina counters, perhaps a better question we must ask is: How well can we trust our longings and desires?  What might God be showing us He wants for us?

In conclusion, Lina exhorts, study what happens in your mind and heart when your expectations aren’t met.  Because disappointment tends to undermine the goodness of God.  Above all, the mantra It’s not supposed to be this way looms in our souls.  And it colors our perspective and poisons our hearts.

We must learn that God uses our desires and unmet expectations to deepen our communion and intimacy with Him.

Today’s question: How does disappointment reveal the depth of the lie you’ve embraced?  Please share.

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