The art of the turn = life

By Dave Henning / June 19, 2022

“Life is the art of the turn. . . .  The whole of life turns on the turn. . . .  Turn and look for how hesed happens now.  Turn and find the delight of God, who we have not right to expect anything from, giving you everything you need for this moment, for nothing in return.”- Ann Voskamp

“Make your face shine on your servant; save me in your steadfast [hesed-attachment] love.”- Psalm 31:16 (ESV)

Ann Voskamp continues Chapter 2 of WayMaker as she stresses that life isn’t about arriving.  Rather, life centers on hesed-attachment.  Consequently, our deepest dreams focus on the covenanted way of hesed-love through every hard thing.  Not about finding the easy way.

As a result, Ann observes, life is the art of the turn.  Thus, the whole of life turns on the redirect, reorient, meeting, seeing, repentance, and rerouting.  So, Ann exhorts, turn and see God’s hesed-lovingkindness in the light on the leaves and the holy joy of a smile.  And trace the arm of God that encircles you right now.  Because holding on to fears delays the comfort of God.

Furthermore, Ann encourages:

“Turn to the light, turn and look in a different direction, one that isn’t looking to the left of right, but looking to where the Love still is and always will be. . . .  The only way needed is to where we’re seen and known, safe and not alone.  Wherever you are can be an arriving.  Hesed always has you.” (emphasis Ann’s)

In conclusion, Ann underscores, because you can break into the light, even though you shatter and scatter, you need fear nothing.  As you catch all the light of God, you can fall into Him.  Above all,  you need not fear in this ocean of grace.

God will make it all right, but not in ways you expect or ever understand.  Certainly, Ann notes, the mystery of our stories tastes like both pain and grace.  But the soul still knows from whence its help comes!

Today’s question: How do you see life as the art of the turn?  Please share.

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