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By Dave Henning / July 21, 2022

“Instead of entering into the sufferings of Christ, who keeps His covenant to suffer with us, I have kept looking for a way out, any way out, always looking for an exodus out of pain. . . .  Nothing will turn your life into a colossal mess like turning inward.  All your incurvatus in se will leave you begging for a cure.”- Ann Voskamp

In Chapter 15 (“Sign”) of WayMaker, Ann Voskamp counsels that the path of least resistance leads you to the least life.  Consequently, you get to the great life through the narrow pathway of great resistance.  Furthermore, Ann stresses, to keep looking for a way out of heartbreak, you end up dragging a lot of beautiful souls into more heartbreak.

Therefore, although all the roads look different for each of us, there’s only one way out.  To enter into Christ’s sufferings.  Because He’s the only One who keeps His covenant to suffer with you, Christ carries you the whole way through.  Always, you find your way out as you turn outward, reaching out to God and others in love.  And when you set yourself apart for a SACRED way with God, that keeps you from tearing your own life apart.

Hence, Ann contrasts cheap faith with trusting faith.  She states:

“Cheap faith says one has only to believe.  But the truth is: Real Christians aren’t merely the believers.  Even the demons believe (James 2:19).  Real Christians are actually those who turn, faithful followers who keep turning and turning, to be the faithful trusters.  Christianity is never only the mental assent of faith in Jesus, without requiring the lived attachment, trusting faithfulness to Jesus. . . .

It is a ‘misapprehension of God [which] is at the root of all hostility to God in the human soul.’  If we really knew God, how could we ever have a divided heart?

Today’s question: How often do you find yourself looking for a way out, any way out?  Please share.

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