True life withers away from God

By Dave Henning / September 25, 2022

“Nourishment needed for life comes through him.  True life withers away from God.  We possess the energy called life, and God invites us to be distinct as he is.  Thus, the dance of learning to live in God begins, and we spend our whole lives either pursuing him, rejecting him, or ignoring him.”- Timothy D. Willard

In Chapter 5 (“The Life of Practical Romance: Our Need for a Beautiful and Terrible God”) of The Beauty Chasers, Timothy Willard asserts that the building blocks of beauty consist of light and life.   Thus, Timothy encourages us to adjust our perspective and look at creation with new eyes.  Because then we see God’s affection in the breath of His creative word.

Therefore, the author asks us to consider life.  What life is and what gives it meaning.  Throughout history, human beings have longed for the thing beyond.  However, our hearts betray us in that quest.  So, when we veer from the path of true presence with God, we settle for shallow gratification found in temporal things.

In addition, Timothy states, scholars note a drastic difference in language between Genesis 1-3 (the creation story) and Genesis 4-6 (the fall into sin).  Above all, even the Hebrew language fractures, just like the I-Thou relationship.  While the energy, life itself, remains, the Creator God no longer permeates Adam and Eve’s vision of life.

In conclusion, Timothy asks that you think about what it would’ve been like to walk in paradise.  To live in proximity to God Himself, with His presence permeating your existence.  Next, the author exhorts, let these questions wrap around your mind and dive into your spirit.

  1. Do you desire God’s holy presence in your life?  Be honest about your desires.  And even though it’s hard, it’s freeing to answer honestly.
  2. Can you describe the moments in your spiritual journey when you’ve felt the most alive?  Did you feel as if God covered you?
  3. What do you experience when you feel farthest from God and His love and grace?  How do you think God felt when His children listened to the serpent instead of choosing to love Him?

Today’s question: Because true life withers away from God, what Scriptures provide needed nourishment?  Please share.

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