Screen scrollers or Beauty Chasers?

By Dave Henning / October 6, 2022

“Yet, it’s our heavenly charge to raise Beauty Chasers, not screen scrollers.  And it all begins with the willingness to say not to mind-numbing time on a screen and yes to participating with God in this tapestry of wonder called life.”- Timothy D. Willard

In Chapter 8 (“Stop Spectating, Start Participating: The Footpath of Reverent Participation”) of The Beauty Chasers, Timothy Willard revisits walks he took while living in Oxford, England, for two years.  At first glance, taking a walk might seem quite elementary.  Yet, the author notes, a walk reveals otherwise hidden truths.  Timothy especially liked to walk in Christ Church Meadow.

Most significantly, Christ used elements of His walks to teach.  Fish, a field, a seed, mud, the wilderness.  However, Timothy cautions, the world grooms you to be a spectator rather than a participant.   As a result, the world encourages you to disentangle yourself from the natural world.  And attach yourself to your devices.

When many of us were younger, our main, if not only, distraction existed in the living room.  The television.  But today even young children carry smart phones.  And lest we think this trend seems cute and not a problem, Timothy reports that children as young ten turn to rehab for anxiety.  An anxiety attributed to social media and device addiction.  Tim continues:

“Every decision to scroll or view a screen becomes a decision to cultivate a disengaged existence.  How we spend your time reveals much about our hearts and what we value, never mind how using devices slowly reprograms the way we think and interact with one another. . . .  Will [our children] hunger for leisure time with the family?  Bonding around a bonfire?  A thirst for beauty?  Or will they grow up shaped by what they value most: noise and distraction?”

In conclusion, the author reports, adults spend almost three hours a day watching TV or surfing the web.  However, the average person exercises seventeen minutes a day, reads for nineteen minutes, and attends social activities for four minutes daily.

Today’s question: Do you see yourself and friends as screen scrollers or Beauty Chasers?  Please share.

Tomorrow’s blog: “Spectating or participating?”

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