New freedom, not unchecked hubris

By Dave Henning / October 24, 2022

“Walking my unique path unencumbered allowed me to pursue intimacy with God in a profound way.  This new freedom, however, does not imbue me with unchecked hubris.  It frees me to joy in who God created me to be, yes.  But such freedom should create meekness.”- Timothy D. Willard

As Timothy Willard moves on in Chapter 16 of The Beauty Chasers, he offers three important reflections meant to encourage us along the pilgrim way of chasing beauty.

1.  Listen to God’s voice — the only one that matters.  Certainly, your path is unique to you.  But not in a self-serving or egocentric way.  Therefore, Timothy exhorts, it’s time to pull yourself away from any dark voices in your life.  Instead, live the adventure of chasing beauty – and God.

 2.  Cultivate a cultural and spiritual awareness.  Rather than racing through life, take time for reflection and self-evaluation.  Because that enables you to realize the extent to which the world affects you.  In addition, the author stresses, the spiritual life requires us to maintain intimacy with God.  Hence, Tim advocates Christian mysticism.  Simply states, the author says Christian mysticism looks like a Christian with a close relationship with God.  Through His Son, Jesus Christ.

3.  Cast off you AVS (Affected Voice Syndrome).  Casting off the expectations and pressures of the world allows you to once again walk your unique path.  However, Tim underscores, your new freedom in Christ should create meekness.

Finally, the ancient world often associated meekness with horses.  Thus, a meek horse obeyed its rider.  In contrast, the unbridled horse runs wild.  So, under the careful guidance of the rider, the horse’s strength, speed, and glory work toward a specific purpose.  The author concludes:

“When I cast off my AVS, draw close to God, and submit myself to his careful guidance, he takes the reigns, and I run free.  It’s a beautiful paradox.  Running free requires not a filling of confidence for the journey ahead, but an emptying.”

Today’s question: How does your new freedom allow you to pursue intimacy with God?  Please share.

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