Groupthink = a choke hold

By Dave Henning / November 3, 2022

“We’re facing an epidemic of indecisiveness in our culture today. . . .  And the concept of groupthink has taken on a whole new meaning to such a degree that it’s become a choke hold.  Far too many of us wait for consensus . . . before moving ahead on anything.  As a result, more than ever, we as believers fail to move forward based on what God has directed for us to do.”- Dr. Tony Evans

“So also faith by itself, if it does not have works, is dead.”- James 2:17 (ESV)

In Chapter 4 (“Noah, a Man Who Worked for God”) of Kingdom Heroes, Dr. Tony Evans asserts that many people lack the robust expression of faith God created us to have.  Because, as James 2:17 tells us, we’re missing faith’s activator.

However, Dr. Evans notes, James also lets us know how to activate faith.  Combine what we do with what we believe.  For obedience ignites the reality of faith.  Hence, we see God’s spiritual power enter into the visible reality that surrounds us.

Therefore, Dr. Evans argues, Noah gives us the greatest illustration of faith in the history of humanity.  With incredible conviction, Noah knew God and chose to follow Him closely.  A blameless man, Noah had integrity with both man and God.  Thus, he found favor with God.  Above all, we must place top priority on finding favor with God.  Because God’s favor can:

  • make a way out of no way
  • reverse what seems to us an irreversible situation
  • do more than bring blessing; it can bring peace

In conclusion, Dr. Evans underscores the need to keep your heart, mind, and life pure on an ongoing basis.  And we do this through awareness, acknowledgement, and regular repentance and confession of sin.  Consequently, as kingdom heroes routinely address sin in their lives, this serves as a starting point to activating faith’s power.

Today’s question: What Bible verses block groupthink from placing a choke hold on you?  Please share.

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