An eyedropper or a tablespoon?

By Dave Henning / December 28, 2022

“God does not distribute the Spirit with an eyedropper or a tablespoon.  This is no suggestion of a dab, sprinkle, splash, or occasional drop.  We are ‘saved . . . through the washing of . . . the Holy Spirit, whom he [God] poured out.’ (Titus 3:5-65 NIV).  He douses us with himself.”- Max Lucado (emphasis author’s)

“It is like precious oil poured on the head, running down on the beard, running down Aaron’s beard, down on the collar of his robe.”- Psalm 133:2 (NIV)

In Chapter 9 (“Oily Footprints: The Spirit As Anointing Oil”) of Help is Here, Max Lucado underscores that God pours out on you, the power-providing, heart-healing oil of the Holy Spirit.  Therefore, the Holy Spirit consecrates, dedicates, and embrocates (anoints) your life.

Furthermore, Pastor Lucado stresses, a greater anointing has come upon you than Moses’ consecration of Aason and his sons (Exodus 30:30).  So, Max offers these words of encouragement:

“From the perspective of heaven, the gift of the Spirit is the greatest gift imaginable.  In a stunning statement, Jesus told his followers that it was to their advantage for him to go away (John 16:7).  His departure would trigger the arrival of the Spirit.  I’m envisioning some furrowed brows on the faces of the disciples.  What could be better than the presence of Jesus beside them?  Something could — the Spirit within you. ”

In conclusion, Pastor Lucado notes, God offers this anointing, dousing, soaking of the Spirit to all of us.  Thus, the Holy Spirit’s presence empowers you as you pray and live out your faith.  As a result, know that when circumstances puzzle you, the Holy Spirit’s never bewildered, befuddled, or confused.  Because He’s in you, you possess power you could never have without Him.

Finally, Max counsels:

“Do not neglect your anointing.  God set you apart for a special work.  He poured his Spirit upon you!  Receive him.  Believe him.  And leave oily footprints wherever you are.”

Today’s question: Do you ever feel like God distributes the Spirit with an eyedropper or a tablespoon?  Please share.

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