Untangled from all that distraction

By Dave Henning / January 18, 2023

“Because our attention is ruled 99 percent of the time by the Midlands and the Shallows, we have to get untangled form all that distraction to ‘descend.’   This is where benevolent detachment comes in — learning to give everyone and everything over to God.”- John Eldredge

John Eldredge concludes Chapter 8 of Resilient with the observation that most of us are unpracticed at drawing anything from the depths of our being.  Because our raucous, hectic world constantly pulls, pushes, and distracts us.  As a result, moment by moment, those factors keep us on the surface of our life with God.

Therefore, John exhorts, notice when you’re praying.  Above all, note the location of the God you’re praying to.  So, the author asks, are you praying to:

  • the Lord of the heavens above?
  • Jesus who is always with you, by your side?
  • Jesus who now lives in the depths of your own heart?  The God who resides within you?

Hence, when looking to dig for deeper resources, you need to look deep within.  And, John encourages, as you settle into your attempt to give God-within-you your attention, continue to simply love Him.  Because that allows your being to open to the reality of His presence.  Yet, take a merciful attitude toward your efforts.

However, the author counsels, remember that supernatural graces need not be dramatic.  So don’t look for or expect fireworks and explosions.  Rather, renewing God’s love and strength often involves a gentle experience.

In conclusion, John offers this advice:

“Don’t get caught up in a whole laundry-list of cares.  Just ignore the Shallows and keep tuning in to Jesus-within-you.  Ask the Holy Spirit for his help. . . .

This is not the time for typical prayer.  Don’t start praying for the cares you hold up in the Midlands.  Don’t intercede for others.  This precious time is dedicated to one thing only – communion with God.”

Today’s question: What most helps you get untangled from all that distraction?  Please share.

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