Under the rug – part of your soul?

By Dave Henning / January 20, 2023

“The mad rush to grab some joy and . . . insisting ‘things are getting back to normal’ are cruel to the soul.  It’s [an] attempt to sweep it all under the rug, but the problem is a good part of your soul goes right along with it.  Under the rug.”- John Eldredge

As John Eldredge moves on in Chapter 9 of Resilient, he shares a two-part prescription for those who desire to take their resilience a little more seriously.  John begins with Part One today.

Part One: Embracing recovery.  Athletes know that the most important part of training isn’t working out.  Instead, it’s recovery.  Because your physical body needs to rest and repair between periods of exertion.  Above all, this physical expression of reality also applies to your heart and soul.

However, John underscores, most people fail to take their recovery seriously.  As a result, they find themselves heartbroken when their soul suddenly gives out.  Therefore, healing from trauma involves naming the trauma as well as the effects of that trauma.  Consequently, this ‘narrative approach’ (a) helps process trauma and (b) rewires the brain.

So, John counsels, name the losses, the fears, the sources of your anger and frustration.  In addition, name what the current moment feels like, what it demands from you, and how it impacts your soul.  But don’t pretend that everything is fine.  Rather, care for your soul as you verbalize the current moment.

Furthermore, John stresses, you need to make adjustments to replenish your reserves.  Because your reserve tanks never magically fill up.  Especially when you burn everything just to maintain your normal life.  Thus, pay attention to your current operating capacity.  As you throttle back you allow your reserves to fill back up.

In conclusion, the author exhorts, turn and walk away from what currently drains you as you practice benevolent attachment.  For we need a sacred margin to replenish.  A margin that’s untouchable and nonnegotiable.

Today’s question: What part of your soul do you feel tempted to sweep under the rug?  Please share.

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