A great mercy – repair

By Dave Henning / June 17, 2023
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“Building an internal sense of safety and trust, as well as safe connection with others, is hard and sacred work.  It’s key to beginning to understand and process the stories and unhealed wounds that have made us who we are. . . .  Instead of being a great burden (though it may feel that way at times), what a great mercy it is that it’s possible for us to repair it.”- Aundi Kolber

“Beauty is one of God’s names.”- Gregory of Nyssa

Aundi Kolber concludes Chapter 5 of Strong Like Water with the observation that when we see something that moves us or causes us to feel deeply, it calls out something.  Perhaps, she suggests, the imago Dei — the image of God — in each of us.

As a result, Aundi developed the ART tool.  A tool she hopes will provide language and tools to help us to continue to reparent ourselves.

1.  Attune.  In this first step you begin to name your experience.  Hence, you may choose to (a) simply notice the sensations in your body or (b) note your felt sense of the experience.  The general theme.

Furthermore, attunement, as a vital part of building self-trust, allows us to know how to respond to our own needs.  Because we tap into the reality of what actually is, attunement equips us.

2.  Respond.  A vital part of practicing ART involves responding to your own needs.  Since attunement can inform you what’s going on, in itself, it’s a form of response.  So, the next step involves mobilizing your energy to act on your own behalf.  To respond to yourself in love.

3.  Tend.  In this final phase of ART, two things occur.  You (a) keep an eye out for your own needs while (b) making yourself available for others.

Above all, when you attune and respond to your most pressing needs, most likely your body won’t need you in quite the same way.  Because you’re connected to yourself, you can step back a bit.  yet, you remain willing to be available to yourself when needed.  That builds trust.

Today’s question: How do you see repair as a great mercy?  Please share.

Tomorrow’s blog: “Resourcing – nourishing ourselves”

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