Think physics, not phonics

By Dave Henning / July 2, 2023

“Whether God said or sang those first words — ‘Let there be light’ — we tend to think in terms of phonics.  But sound is, first and foremost, a form of energy.  So, really, we should think physics.  Our words don’t just exchange ideas; they exchange energy.”- Mark Batterson

God said, “Let there be light.”- Genesis 1:3 (NIV)

Mark Batterson concludes his Introduction to Please Sorry Thanks as he underscores that to understand the very power of words, we must go back to the very beginning.  Most significantly, according to Leonard Berstein, the word said is best translated as sang.

Furthermore, Pastor Batterson notes, every atom in the universe sings a unique song.  Therefore, life-giving words resonate with that original note.  However, destructive words cause internal division.  Because they run counter to God’s good, pleasing, and perfect will.  Hence, Mark explains:

“Few words resonate with more power than please, sorry, and thanks.  They sing in three-part harmony.  A pretty please opens hearts and minds and doors.  A simple sorry can mend broken relationships.  A heartfelt thanks is the flywheel of gratitude.”

Above all, Pastor Batterson stresses, God’s audible voice represents a thin slice of His vocal range.  Thus, God’s ability to speak extends way beyond our ability to hear.  And God uses His voce to form worlds – not just words.  As a result, Mark observes, everything we see God once said.

Certainly, Pastor Batterson asserts, most people claim that they’ve never heard the audible voice of God.  Yet, Mark acknowledges:

“But there’s a reality that goes way beyond what we can taste, touch, see, smell, or hear.  God uses His infrasound and ultrasound voice to heal and to reveal, to guide and to gift, to convict and to create.”

In conclusion, Mark counsels, you must do more than simple parrot the words please, sorry, and thanks.  You need to walk the talk.  Hence, these three words must become a way and a rule of life.

Today’s question: Do you agree with Mark’s assertion that we should think physics, rather than phonics, in regard to words?  Please share.

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