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By Dave Henning / November 17, 2023

“This book is for members of the Tilted Halo Society.  For struggles among us and the fumbler within us. . . .  We mean well, but do well?  Well, we don’t always.  We have breakthroughs, but breakdowns as well, often in the same hour. . . . .  We have not forgotten [our failures].  But we could use a refresher course on God’s stubborn refusal to give up on us.”- Max Lucado

“After this, his brother came out, with his hand grasping Esau’s heel; so he was named Jacob.”- Genesis 25:26 (NIV)

In Chapter 1 (“The Tilted Halo Society”) of God Never Gives Up on You: What Jacob’s Story Teaches About Grace, Mercy, and God’s Relentless Love, Max Lucado sees Jacob as a flawed patriarch.  Yet, well-suited to the task of refreshing us on God’s stubborn refusal to give up on us.

Furthermore, Pastor Lucado notes, Jacob’s name contains the same consonants as the Hebrew word for heel.  A triumph of irony, Pastor Lucado adds.  Because Jacob began his life the way he wound up living it.  Grasping for a better position.

Consequently, the word prodigal, not prodigy, aptly describes Jacob.  When Jacob wrestled with God and pinned Him down, he begged for a blessing.  And while the blessing came, it came at a cost.  God bestowed a new name on Jacob: Israel.  However, Jacob’s hip was out of joint.  Hence, Jacob walked with a limp.  Therefore, Pastor Lucado encourages:

“Sound familiar?  You’ve wrestled with God about your past, your future, your pain, and your problems.  You, like Jacob, have walked away with a gimp in your spiritual gait.  Some people mount up with wings like eagles, a few run and never grow weary, others walk and never faint.  You?  Me?  Jacob?  We limp.  Jacob’s story is for limpers.”

Nicknamed Deceiver, Jacob took advantage of his famished brother Esau.  In addition, Jacob pulled the wool over Isaac’s eyes.  And he matched his father-in-law guile for guile.  Yet, Jacob stands with the other patriarchs of the faith.

Today’s question: As a member of the Tilted Halo Society, how does Jacob’s story give you hope?  Please share.

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