Cut corners – or wait on God?

By Dave Henning / November 21, 2023

“What shortcuts are we taking in life?  God has promised to give us all we need. . . .  All we need to do is wait on God.  But he is so slow!  His timing is out of sync with ours.  So we cut corners. . . .  We deceive . . . with lies, exaggerations, and misstatements.  We polish apples, inflate facts, drop names, and work the system.”- Max Lucado

Max Lucado concludes Chapter 1 of God Never Gives Up on You as he notes that Isaac’s blessing of Jacob contained a binding element.  Irreversible and irrevocable.  Therefore, Esau could receive a secondary inheritance from Isaac.  Because, Max quips, Jacob already cashed in the check.

However, Pastor Lucado points out, grace steps on the stage.  The family’s a tinderbox – just a spark away from eruption.  In addition, the brothers bicker, and the parents play favorites.  Yet, God tethers Himself to them.  Grace, the “yet-Godness” of God.  Hence, we:

  • break promises, but God forgives.
  • forget commitments, yet God appears.
  • turn away from Him, yet God turns toward us.

Certainly, Jacob achieved his goal.  But, Max notes, at what a cost!  Because Jacob forfeited all the prosperity he would have received from the birthright.  And, Pastor Lucado adds, the next time we see Jacob he’s using a stone for a pillow.  Above all, Jacob’s shortcut splintered the family.  Since Esau wanted to kill him, Jacob ran for his life.  Furthermore, Jacob betrayed his father’s trust.

Consequently, Pastor Lucado counsels:

“How many shortcuts have been justified with the best of intentions? . . .  A wrong shortcut, even one taken for the right reasons, always causes someone pain.  It is a labyrinth honeycombed with trip wires.

There are no shortcuts with God. . . .  He doesn’t need your feet on his accelerator.  He doesn’t need any help with his plans. . . .  If God wanted Jacob to carry the mantle, it was as good as done.  All Rebekah and Jacob needed to do was the one thing they found hard to do: wait on God.”

Finally, Max muses, little did he (Max) know he stood only a few short semesters from meeting the love of his life.  As it turned out, Max found his true love only a local call away.

Today’s question: When do you attempt to cut corners rather than wait on God?  Please share.

Tomorrow’s blog: “Barren stretches – begrudge?”

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