Crooked path = spiritual walk

By Dave Henning / November 26, 2023

“Aren’t we all [a bit of a mess]?  Like [Jacob], our spiritual walk follows a crooked path. . . .  Our bad habits scuttle our good intentions.  And we wonder, does God have a plan for us?  The answer through Jacob is ‘yes.’  Our failures are great, but God’s grace is greater.”- Max Lucado

“Those who are kind benefit themselves, but the cruel bring ruin on themselves.”- Proverbs 11:17 (NIV)

In Chapter 5 (“The Trickster Gets Tricked”) of God Never Gives Up on You, Max Lucado observes that mirrors, bathroom scales, and radar guns are impervious to objections.  Because we find it hard to deny the truth when it stares us squarely in the face.

Therefore, in the distant land of Haran, God gave Jacob a face full of facts.  Above all, Pastor Lucado notes, God kept Jacob on the teams.  Even though his rap sheet included words like cheater, deceiver, trickster, grifter (scammer), and liar.  More at home, Max quips, in a gambling casino than a church sanctuary.

Hence, Pastor Lucado underscores, if you want God to dispense mercy to you with a bucket, use a bucket to dispense mercy to others.  But if you dispense mercy to others with a teaspoon . . . Max state, you get the point.

However, Max doubts that Jacob got the point.  As a result, God sent Jacob to the land of Laban, in a region known as Haran.  So, as Pastor Lucado explains:

“Jacob thought he was going to Haran to meet his uncle and marry a wife.  God, however, sent Jacob to Haran so Jacob could step on the scales.  It was time to look in the mirror.  It was time to read the radar gun. . . .  time for Jacob to face the facts about Jacob.  He had, not a bald spot, but a few blind spots.”

In conclusion, Max encourages, God doesn’t cast us out when we deserve it.  Certainly, though, God lets us reap what we sow.  But, just as evil rebound, so does good.

Today’s question: What Bible verses most help when your spiritual walk follows a crooked path?  Please share.

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