The boundaries we resent

By Dave Henning / June 16, 2024

“The paradox of God is that within the boundaries we resent there is life that is limitless in Him.  And we cannot see that limitlessness without the boundaries that we’ve been praying for decades would lift.  When they don’t move, we become more inclined to find Him within them.”- Sara Hagerty

Sara Hagerty concludes Chapter 13 of The Gift of Limitations with the observation that when we grieve, on many days we feel that God is absent.  In addition, as we lean into others who grieve, we come to accept God’s mysterious absence functions as a part of His way in grief.

As a result, we stop searching for the warmth of His presence.  Instead, we settle ourselves in the comfort of His Word.  And just like a child who fails to comprehend why older siblings get to stay up late while that child has a bedtime, we see ourselves at the mercy of God, our Father.

However, as our dreams fade before our eyes, it’s possible to experience a strange and growing acceptance.  Hence, grief becomes less something we fight or endure.  And more like when you welcome a houseguest.  Certainly, you don’t want that person to stay forever.  But, for a time, you acknowledge the gifts you receive through hosting them.

Above all, when we’re not looking, God expands us.  Thus, we can hold things and new things and many things.  By the grace of God, we stop hanging on.  Rather than scraping our knees trying to climb over the fence, we accept that God has life for us inside the fence.  We lose substantially, but then we find.

In conclusion, Sara exhorts:

“The life out the back door, no matter how narrow and sparse it might feel, is the best life for finding Him.  And then, when you least expect it, He says, ‘Let’s take the road over the rim of the world.’  God is a dream maker.  And He is beautiful.”

Today’s question: What most helps us deal with the boundaries we resent?  Please share.

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