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Christian faith – radical and disruptive?

By Dave Henning / January 15, 2022

“In Jesus’s day the message of the kingdom contradicted all the world’s categories.  In our time the Christian faith is seen as something traditional rather than radical or disruptive.  Nothing could be further from the truth.  Properly understood, the message of God’s kingdom will subvert the dominant beliefs of our own culture.”- Timothy Keller “Listen, […]


A sense on the heart of Jesus’s beauty

By Dave Henning / January 14, 2022

“In prayer, through the Holy Spirit that the risen Christ has given us, when meditating on the Word, it is possible to get such a sense on the heart of Jesus’s beauty and glory that it reproduces his goodness, love, wisdom, joy, and peace in us.”- Timothy Keller “For God, who said, ‘Let light shine […]


Shekinah glory presence of God

By Dave Henning / January 13, 2022

“At his death Jesus dismantled the old temple, and at his resurrection he established the new one.  Now when we unite with the risen Christ in faith, through the Holy Spirit, the Shekinah glory presence of God that had swelled behind the veil, inaccessibly, is now available to us.”- Timothy Keller “The Word became flesh […]


Virtual bank account of righteousness?

By Dave Henning / January 12, 2022

“There is a danger that when Christians talk about being justified in God’s sight, we imagine righteousness as a kind of virtual bank account that someone transfers money into.  It makes salvation a mechanical or mercenary  process. . . .  Only when we are united with [Jesus] , through faith and the Holy Spirit, do […]


Controlled by the lord of our life

By Dave Henning / January 11, 2022

“Whatever controls us is really our god. . . .  The one who seeks power is controlled by power.  The one who seeks acceptance is controlled by the people he or she wants to please.  We do not control ourselves.  We are controlled by the lord of our life.”- Rebecca Pippert, Out of the Saltshaker […]


Assurance of a full harvest – firstfruits

By Dave Henning / January 10, 2022

“In the Old Testament the firstfruits constituted the earliest part of the crop that was offered in thanksgiving to God.  But the term signified not just that it was a gift but that it was a ‘pledge of the remainder’ a promise or ‘assurance of a full harvest.’  This means that the resurrection of Jesus […]


Restoration of the natural order

By Dave Henning / January 9, 2022

“The resurrection was indeed a miraculous display of God’s power, but we should not see it as a suspension of the natural order of the world.  Rather it was the beginning of the restoration of the natural order of the world as God intended it to be. . . .  when Jesus rose from the […]


Sincere seekers of the truth?

By Dave Henning / January 8, 2022

“Before we become Christians, . . we feel like we’re pretty good people.  But most Christians, like Paul, look back on their lives and see that they had never really been sincere seekers after truth at all.  They had wanted a truth and a God the fit their desire to be in charge of their […]


Very first witnesses of the resurrection

By Dave Henning / January 7, 2022

“The gospels claim that the very first witnesses of the resurrection were women.  Since women in that patriarchal culture were not allowed to give evidence in court, there would be no plausible reason that the gospel writers would have invented them.  The only historically plausible reason that women could have been recorded as seeing the […]


Faith in the resurrection – reasonable

By Dave Henning / January 6, 2022

“Paul says that his faith in the resurrection is ‘reasonable’ — a word that refers to careful, rational thought.  He is not making mere assertions but is offering arguments. . . .  there was substantial evidence for what he was saying.”- Timothy Keller ” ‘I am not insane, most excellent Festus,’ Paul replied.  ‘What I […]


The electrifying original message

By Dave Henning / January 5, 2022

“The electrifying original message was this: God’s power has come from outside of history into this world. . . .  Because Jesus’s death for sin and resurrection happened in history, everything has changed.  Everything.- Timothy Keller (emphasis author’s) “And if Christ has not been raised, our preaching is useless and so is your faith.”- 1 […]


Profound certainty = biblical hope

By Dave Henning / January 4, 2022

“The biblical word elpida, translated as the weaker English word hope, means profound certainty.  Christians view even the hardest circumstances as part of a history guided by God at every turn toward not merely some kind of afterlife but toward the resurrection of our bodies and souls into a new, remade heaven and earth.”- Timothy […]

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