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Merely sentimental – the shepherds

By Dave Henning / December 8, 2022

“We are accustomed to associating shepherds with the birth of Christ, but what are they doing there? . . .  Unfortunately, the meaning of the shepherds has become merely sentimental.  In our imaginations they evoke lovely pastoral scenes and fluffy little lambs.  But that is not why Luke selected this event.”- Timothy Keller “When the […]


Consultant or Supreme Lord?

By Dave Henning / December 7, 2022

“Now, if Jesus Christ holds all [the universe] together with just a word of his power (Hebrews 1:3) — is he the kind of person you ask into your life to be your assistant?  That simple logic shattered my resistance to doing what Mary did.  Yes, if he really is like that, how can I […]


No note of wonder and surprise?

By Dave Henning / December 6, 2022

“If you think Christianity is mainly going to church, believing a certain creed, and living a certain kind of life, then there will be no note of wonder and surprise about the fact that you are a believer. . . .  However, if Christianity is something done for you, and to you, and in you, […]


Incredible – the Christmas message

By Dave Henning / December 5, 2022

“Unless you have heard the Christmas message and at some point found it incredible, too, I’m not sure you have ever really grasped it. . . .  If you have never stood and looked at the Gospel and found it ridiculous, impossible, inconceivable, I don’t know that you’ve really understood it.”- Timothy Keller (emphasis author’s) […]


Some doubt seeks answers

By Dave Henning / December 4, 2022

“In the Bible . . . there is a kind of doubt that is the sign of a closed mind, and there is a kind of doubt that is the sign of an open mind.  Some doubt seeks answers, and some doubt is a defense against the possibility of answers.”- Timothy Keller “The angel went […]


Create Gods of our liking

By Dave Henning / December 3, 2022

“King Herod’s violent lust for power points to our natural resistance and hatred on the claims of God on our lives.  We create Gods of our liking to mask our own hostility to the real God, who reveals himself as our absolute King.”- Timothy Keller “For I do not understand my own actions.  For I […]


An absolute throne – one King

By Dave Henning / December 2, 2022

“If you want to be king, and someone else comes along saying he is the king, then one of you has to give in.  Only one person can sit on an absolute throne.”- Timothy Keller “After Jesus was born in Bethlehem in Judea, during the time of King Herod, Magi from the east came to […]


Drop your conditions – the ‘ifs’

By Dave Henning / December 1, 2022

“When you come to Christ, you must drop your conditions. . . .  As soon as you say, ‘I will obey you if,’ that is not obedience at all.  You are saying, ‘You are my adviser, not my Lord.  I will be happy to take your recommendations.  And I might even do some of them.’ […]


Firestorm or whirlwind – or baby?

By Dave Henning / November 30, 2022

“Why would God come this time in the form of a baby, rather than a firestorm or whirlwind?  Because this time he has come not to bring judgment but to bear it, to pay the penalty for our sins, to take away the barrier between humanity and God, so we can be together.  Jesus is […]


The God of moralism or relativism

By Dave Henning / November 29, 2022

“A God who was only holy . . . would have simply demanded that we pull ourselves together, that we be moral and holy enough to merit a relationship with him.  A deity that was an ‘all-accepting God of love’ . . . would have just overlooked sin and embraced us.  Neither the God of […]


The supreme miracle of Christianity

By Dave Henning / November 28, 2022

“Some have argued that the supreme miracle of Christianity is not the resurrection of Christ from the dead but the incarnation. . . .  Of all the things Christianity proclaims, this is the most staggering.”- Timothy Keller “All this took place to fulfill what the Lord had said through the prophet: ‘The virgin will conceive […]


A failure or a king – both need God’s grace

By Dave Henning / November 27, 2022

“In Jesus you stop having to prove yourself because you know it doesn’t really matter in the end whether you are a failure or a king.  All you need is God’s grace, and you can have it, in spite of your failures.”- Timothy Keller “Thus there were fourteen generations in all from Abraham to David, […]

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