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It’s all Greek to me!

By Dave Henning / May 4, 2013

At the beginning of Chapter 2 (“The Dignity of Work”) of Every Good Endeavor, Timothy Keller states that the idea that work is a major component of human dignity is espoused by even the most secular thinking.  Write Ayn Rand put it this way in her book Atlas Shrugged: “Whether it’s a symphony or a […]


Work is liberating

By Dave Henning / May 2, 2013

Pastor Timothy Keller continues his discussion of God’s design for work in Chapter 1 of Every Good Endeavor by stating that to see work in our design is part of what it means to “grasp the distinct Christian understanding of freedom.”  He notes that our modern society tends to see freedom as the complete absence […]


Meaningful work is foundational

By Dave Henning / May 1, 2013

In Chapter 1 of Every Good Endeavor, Timothy Keller presents the striking truth that work was a part of Paradise.  As Ben Witherington states in Work: A Kingdom Perspective on Labor: “It is perfectly clear that God’s good plan always included human beings working, or, more specifically, living in a constant cycle of work and […]


God at work

By Dave Henning / April 30, 2013

In concluding his Introduction to Every Good Endeavor, Pastor Timothy Keller lists 3 questions regarding the relationship between faith and work that his book seeks to answer, using God’s Word: 1.  Why is work necessary to lead a full life? 2.  Why is work so often pointless, fruitless, and difficult? 3.  How do we overcome […]


The fingers of God

By Dave Henning / April 28, 2013

Pastor Timothy Keller continues his discussion of vocation in the Introduction of Every Good Endeavor by noting 5 characteristics regarding the relationship of faith to work. 1.  The ecumenical movement’s emphasis on social justice helps us to understand that we must apply a distinctly Christian ethic to our work. 2.  In order to do faithful […]


Recovering the concept of vocation

By Dave Henning / April 27, 2013

In the Introduction to Every Good Endeavor, Pastor Timothy Keller cites Robert Bellah’s landmark book, Habits of the Heart, in noting that the major problem eating away at our culture’s cohesiveness is “expressive individualism”.  Near the end of his book, Bellah proposes a solution to the crisis: “To make a real difference . . . [there […]


Every Good Endeavor

By Dave Henning / April 26, 2013

Pastor Timothy Keller (Redeemer Presbyterian, NYC) takes the title of his latest book, Every Good Endeavor, from the liner notes of a 1957 album by jazz legend John Coltrane (1926-1967).  He described the album as “an attempt to say ‘THANK YOU GOD’ through our work, even as we do in our hearts and with our […]



By Dave Henning / April 25, 2013

In her “A Holy Experience” posting for 04/22/2013, author Ann Voskamp writes about a sparrow that had flown into her kitchen the previous night.  Perched atop a weather vane on the mantle with heart pounding out of its chest, the overwhelmed and confused sparrow flew aimlessly, too scared to even sing.  Ann stretched out her […]


Gideon’s Gifts

By Dave Henning / April 24, 2013

Author Ann Voskamp (One Thousand Gifts) writes a daily blog entitled “A Holy Experience”.  In her blog posted 04/17/13, Ann shares insights from her friend Priscilla on lessons we can learn about  our gifts from reading the story of Gideon in Judges Chapter 6. After the angel of the Lord tells Gideon that he will […]


Lifting ourselves up to God

By Dave Henning / April 23, 2013

“Do not think of yourself more highly than you ought, but rather think of yourself with sober judgment, in accordance with the measure of faith God has given you.”- Romans 12:3 “Finally, brothers, whatever is true, whatever is noble, whatever is right, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely, whatever is admirable- if anything is excellent or […]


Putting theory into practice

By Dave Henning / April 22, 2013

Two years after publishing his Eulogy of Brother Lawrence, the Abbe de Beaufort wrote a memoir in which he commented on Brother Lawrence’s life and spirituality.  The Abbe often quoted Brother Lawrence directly, since he immediately wrote down his accounts of their conversations.  In one such conversation, Brother Lawrence opined that God is perfectly capable […]


Benefits of practicing the presence of God

By Dave Henning / April 21, 2013

Brother Lawrence describes 4 benefits of practicing the presence of God in the sixth and last of his Spiritual Maxims.  He observes that practicing the presence of God: 1.  Develops a vibrant, living, and active faith that permeates every aspect of our lives, especially in our particular areas of need.  Brother Lawrence goes on to […]

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