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Do you really want to wear that?

By Dave Henning / April 1, 2012

In his book Putting Your Past in Its Place, Stephen Viars applies that old adage, “Eat it today, wear it tomorrow” to issues of the heart.  The inner feelings or emotions we demonstrate today will have lasting consequences unless we diligently apply God’s Word in our adversity.   Dr. Viars cautions that: -Today’s reactions become tomorrow’s […]


“Fear not”

By Dave Henning / March 31, 2012

Long before Franklin Roosevelt, Henry David Thoreau once commented, “Nothing is so much to be feared as fear.”  Perhaps that’s why “Fear not” is God’s most frequently repeated instruction (366 verses) in the Bible!  John Ortberg believes the reason God gives that instruction so often “is that fear will sink us faster than anything else.  […]


The last human freedom

By Dave Henning / March 30, 2012

Victor Frankl was a Viennese psychiatrist who survived two Nazi concentration camps.  He talked about the men who showed compassion to others and would share their last bit of food (cited by John Ortberg in If You Want to Walk on Water . . . ): ” . . . they offer sufficient proof that […]


“Do not easily leave”

By Dave Henning / March 29, 2012

John Ortberg ( If You Want to Walk on Water . . . ) relates this response by Abba Anthony, one of the Desert Fathers, when he was asked how a person would be able to please God.  The first two pieces of advice Abba Anthony gave would not surprise practicing Christians- always keep your focus […]


Three characteristics of resilient people

By Dave Henning / March 28, 2012

In Chapter 6 (“Seeing the Wind”) of If You Want to Walk on Water . . . , John Ortberg describes 3 traits of resilient Christians that help them positively respond to traumatic events.  He prefaces this list by stating: “Your heart is revealed and your character is forged when life does not turn out […]


Walking on Water Indicators

By Dave Henning / March 27, 2012

In If You Want to Walk on Water . . . , John Ortberg describes 4 indicators that might signal us that God is calling us out of our spiritual comfort zone: 1.  Fear- God will call us out of the boat at the point of our fears because He wants us to overcome them. 2.  Frustration- we […]


Getting to know You

By Dave Henning / March 26, 2012

As John Ortberg points out in If You Want to Walk on Water . . . , most of us are a mixture of trust and doubt.  During our desert transition times, our Land Between, doubt often becomes the more predominant thought process. Rev. Ortberg offers this wise counsel: “When people wrestle with doubt, they […]


God’s purpose for me

By Dave Henning / March 25, 2012

In times of suffering or adversity, we are prone to question God’s purpose for allowing those inopportune events.  We may feel our lives should be packed with pleasant experiences and wonder what “good” God will bring out of our situation or when the “abundant life” the Bible promises will return.  In his book Suffering: Eternity Makes […]


Letting your life speak

By Dave Henning / March 24, 2012

John Ortberg (If You Want to Walk on Water. . .) quotes Quaker educator and writer Parker Palmer on the subject of discerning God’s calling in your life: “You cannot choose you calling.  You must let your life speak.”  Listening is an essential skill to enable us to follow our calling.  John Ortberg adds, “It […]


“Thou shalt not be ridiculous”

By Dave Henning / March 23, 2012

In Chapter 3 (Discerning the Call) of his book If  You Want to Walk on Water . . . , John Ortberg contrasts two very different approaches to re-visioning one’s calling: “The line between ‘Thou shalt not be afraid’ and ‘Thou shalt not be ridiculous’ is often a fine one and not easily located.  Knowing when […]


Waiting. . .on. . .the. . .Lord

By Dave Henning / March 22, 2012

In his book If  You Want to Walk on Water . . . John Ortberg weighs in on the subject of waiting: “In some ways, ‘waiting on the Lord” is the hardest part of trusting.  It is not the same as ‘waiting around’.  It is putting yourself with utter vulnerability in his hands.”  This is […]


The Peace God Promises

By Dave Henning / March 20, 2012

The Peace God Promises (Zondervan, 2011) Ann Spangler begins her book by first defining what peace is not- finding the perfect relationship, job, etc.; solitary or selfish; wistfully “if only” (situational).  In order to truly experience peace, we must embrace the One who brings it (Jesus) and live as His disciple. The first step in […]

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