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If the filters came off – heart repair

By Dave Henning / January 22, 2019

“If it suddenly became impossible for us to cover up all the junk we normally hide from the rest of humanity, I have a feeling we would all be motivated to deal with the source of what ails us.  If the filters came off, we would no doubt be relentless about repairing the condition of […]


A snowball in the face

By Dave Henning / January 21, 2019

“A snowball in the face is surely the perfect beginning to a lasting friendship.”- Markus Zusak “The rain and snow come down from the heavens and say on the ground to water the earth.  They cause the grain to grow, producing seed for the farmer and bread for the hungry.  It is the same with […]


Never dealing with the root problem

By Dave Henning / January 20, 2019

“The Bible attributes a great many evils to this other [intangible] heart. . . . we tend to reach for remedies to address our symptoms without ever really dealing with the root problem.  And so the symptoms never seem to go away.”- Andy Stanley In Chapter 2 (“All Is Not As It Seems”) of Enemies […]


Spiritual heart disease – the root problem

By Dave Henning / January 19, 2019

“We’re tempted to treat the ancillary, symptomatic challenges that stem from an unhealthy heart while ignoring the deeper issues. . . .  eventually the root problem will become a real problem . . . . so spiritual heart disease has the potential to destroy you and squeeze the life out of your most valuable relationships.”- […]


Disrupting the rhythm of your heart

By Dave Henning / January 18, 2019

“Life can be hard on the heart.  The world is full of outside influences that have the power to disrupt the rhythm of your heart.  Most are subtle.  Some may even appear to be necessary as protection from further disruptions.  Over time you may develop habits that slowly erode your heart’s sensitivity. . . .  […]


Taking on difficulty as our identity

By Dave Henning / January 17, 2019

“It’s easy and quite normal to take on our difficulty as our identity. . . .  whether it’s the loss of a loved one, the betrayal of a friend, or financial ruin, no hardship in this fallen world has the power to define you or determine your potential.”- Paul David Tripp Paul David Tripp concludes […]


Suffering – the intersection of pain + blessing

By Dave Henning / January 16, 2019

“Suffering is the intersection where life’s deepest pains meet with the most wonderful blessings of grace. . . .  Suffering is where weakness intersects with strength, confusion intersects with wisdom, sorrow intersects with joy, and despair intersects with hope.”- Paul David Tripp In Chapter 14 (“The Comfort of a Heart at Rest”), the final chapter […]


The grave danger to sufferers

By Dave Henning / January 15, 2019

“The grave danger to sufferers is not admission of weakness but delusions of strength. . . . .  if you tell yourself and other that you are strong, then you won’t seek and they won’t offer the enabling and strengthening grace that every sufferer needs.”- Paul David Tripp Paul David Tripp concludes Chapter 13 of […]


Honest communication re: your spiritual battle

By Dave Henning / January 14, 2019

“Honest communication is not detailing the hardship you’re going through and letting all the people around you know how tough you have it.  Complaining leads tends to drive people away and to attract you to other complainers, which is far from healthy and helpful.”- Paul David Tripp As Paul David Tripp continues Chapter 13 of […]


A warehouse of comfort, wisdom, and direction

By Dave Henning / January 13, 2019

” . . . every child of God has a warehouse of comfort, rescue, strength, wisdom, direction, and protection.  But because of the pride and self-sufficiency that sin produces in us, we don’t open the door of that warehouse. . . .  So as an act of redeeming love, God leads us into situations that […]


Reporting suffering or confessing the struggle

By Dave Henning / January 12, 2019

“Celebrating the gift of the body of Christ in the middle of suffering isn’t about reporting suffering but about confessing the struggle in the midst of it.  It isn’t just about communicating what you’re going through but also being honest about how you’re going through it.”- Paul David Tripp “You must also help us by […]


Ministry – every believer’s lifestyle calling

By Dave Henning / January 11, 2019

“Ministry is not so much a career or a kind of episodic volunteerism; for every believer, it’s a lifestyle we’ve been called to.  The problem is that we don’t naturally have the desire to make personal sacrifices for the sake of ministry to others and need training.”- Paul David Tripp As Paul David Tripp concludes […]

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