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Thought life taken over by betrayal

By Dave Henning / June 8, 2020

“The betrayal takes over our thought life. . . .  It can destroy our faith in trust and love.  Where we saw good before, now we see only uncertainty and darkness.  The heat of our anger, our shame, and our desire to get even rises to feverish levels.  We see everything around us not through […]


A violation of trust – betrayal defined

By Dave Henning / June 7, 2020

“Betrayal is a violation of trust.  The more we love the person that betrays us . . . the more it hurts when they break our trust.  The more you love or have invested in that person, the more earth-shattering their betrayal.”- Phil Waldrep (emphasis author’s) In Chapter 2 (“Trust”) of Beyond Betrayal, Phil Waldrep […]


Betrayal = selfishness of the betrayer

By Dave Henning / June 6, 2020

“Betrayal is very personal and affects us at a deep, emotional level.  But it says more about the selfishness of the betrayer than it says about you.  Your goal is to prevent the betrayal and the betrayer from defining who you are.  Be proactive — not reactive.”- Phil Waldrep Phil Waldrep concludes Chapter 1 of […]


The shock of betrayal – processing your feelings

By Dave Henning / June 5, 2020

“Being betrayed is often a shock.  The emotions we feel associated with it can be overwhelming.  In processing your feelings to work towards healing, it’s good to have an outlet for those feelings.  You must find a way to look at things more objectively.”- Phil Waldrep “Even my close friend in whom I trust, who […]


Betrayed by someone close to you

By Dave Henning / June 4, 2020

“Honestly, I don’t know of any other pain in life that’s worse than being betrayed by someone close to you.  It changes everything.  After such an experience, the world is simply a different place — one far darker and crueler than you ever thought possible before.”- Phil Waldrep “It is easier to forgive an enemy […]


In Want + Plenty: Waking Up to God’s Provision . . .

By Dave Henning / June 3, 2020

In Want + Plenty (Revell, 2020) In Want + Plenty: Waking Up to God’s Provision in a Land of Longing is Meredith McDaniel’s first book.  Meredith, a graduate of Gordon Conwell Theological Seminary, ministers as a licensed professional counselor.  She owns her own private practice, Milk + Honey.  The author observes that we all begin […]


Manna makers – our calling from Jesus

By Dave Henning / June 2, 2020

“We are called to be manna makers.  Just as Jesus has come to give us life by his presence, we can be an extension of him to others.  Since God has come to dwell among us, we get the benefit of letting his love and light flow out of us in hopes that others might […]


Living fully in a land of longing

By Dave Henning / June 1, 2020

“I have found that the most important part of living fully in a land of longing is being present enough to remember that God is with us and that we are not alone. . . .  But what if the reason that nothing in this world seems like enough is because it isn’t’?  It never […]


Full life consists of both peace and pain

By Dave Henning / May 31, 2020

“Full life consists of both peace and pain.  It’s hard to have one without the other.  We don’t crave peace until we feel pain.  We don’t know how to define pain unless we have peace.   They are in extreme opposition, yet they happen to coexist in this place that we call life here on earth.”- […]


Eliminate shame from our relational diet?

By Dave Henning / May 30, 2020

“Although it is tempting to hope that we can eliminate shame from our relational diet, it is futile to wish for this.  Our hope is, rather, changing our response to it as we journey together toward God’s kingdom. . . .  As such  . . . we starve [shame] over time, not by avoiding it […]


Keep a distance from God

By Dave Henning / May 29, 2020

“I wonder if our desire to keep a distance from God has less to do with God and more to do with what we carry. . . .  it’s essential to note that even when we withdraw, God lovingly approaches us.  Just as he came down to the level of the Israelites, he meets us […]


Blind to God’s gifts – focused on pain

By Dave Henning / May 28, 2020

“We can be blind to God’s good gifts because we focus on what isn’t working right now and how hopeless we feel in our day-to-day life. . . .  when we are continually focused on the pain we feel, moving out of it doesn’t happen easily.  There are times when we need to sit in […]

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